Gaijin Gunpla

Last weekend a friend and I hopped on the train to the party center of Tokyo, Roppongi. We didn’t go there to party, though we were tempted to when we hit T.G.I. Fridays and saw the Ultimate alcohol beverage menu. We were there to go to the Mori Tower and see The Art of Gundam Exhibition. It was the opening weekend of the exhibition so, of course, there were lines but it didn’t take too long to get inside. As soon as we got in we sat down in a small theater designed to look like a Fleet ship from the older Gundam anime and we watched a little film with CG Zaku fighting against Amuro in his RX-78-2. Of course, Char made an appearance in his Zaku II. Unfortunately, rules in place prevented me from taking video. Or pictures. In fact, much of the event had warnings not take pictures but I did put some up on facebook. As one would expect with these kind of events there was a gift shop and so I got a hold of this event exclusive kit.

That’s the The Art of Gundam RX-78-2 Ver.G35th which can only be picked up at that event. It even says on the package, Tokyo Kaiba Gentei (Tokyo Event Exclusive). I wasn’t sure at first what the Ver. G35th title meant but opening the box and looking at the manual I soon figured it out. It’s the 1/144 HGUC Revive RX-78-2 Gundam! That kit is supposed to hit store shelves on Saturday, July 25th. I got mine 6 days early! This kit, being an exclusive, has a few extras.

That’s the base.

This sticker was also included.

Later that evening, after returning home and taking a shower to wash the Tokyo sweat off myself, I sat down with nippers in my hand and the instructions in my lap.

The way the runners are laid out and the assembly of this kit really reminds me of the recent Guncannon Revive kit.

For foil stickers you get this very small sheet.

Assembly of the RX-78-2 starts off just like the Guncannon as well.

The older HG kits featured poly-caps in the torso onto which to connect the arms. These were usually designed to sit in there and pivot forwards. On the RX-78-2 they sit so they pivot upwards. Instead of the arms moving inwards towards the front of the RX-78, they instead move upwards.

The way the torso in engineered he can bend forward a bit.

I decided to panel line this guy during assembly.

When you start assembly on the head you are confronted with a choice. You can place two small silver foil stickers onto a red part and then place the clear eye visor piece on over top of that, or you can ignore the silver stickers and put the eye sticker on the visor piece.

I opted for a mix.

I put the silver stickers on and then coloured the visor piece around the eyes with a panel marker.

Arms go just like the Guncannon’s. Can I expect the same with the upcoming Freedom?

About that new articulation…

Feet and legs.


I cut this here like always.

It looks the same. But different.

It reminds me of the MG RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0. Prior to that kit we had seen kits with bulkier, meaner proportions and more panel lines such as the Ver. Ka and the OYW version, but the 2.0 seemed a bit of throwback to the original anime just with much better articulation thanks to the new design. The same can be said for the newest HG version of the Granddaddy Gundam.

I’ll need this.

Speaking of the original anime.

Almost finished!

I’ll spend some time playing around with this guy then give some of my thoughts.

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  1. Kushal says:

    I was curious about the Revive line, as I read somewhere that they don’t need side cutters to remove from the sprue? You mentioned working on the Guncannon Revive already but I don’t see it on here to check. Is there anything different about the Revive line besides the anime style proportions and increased articulation?

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