Gaijin Gunpla

If you think of Star Wars space battles you usually think of X Wings, Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers and even the Millennium Falcon but there are plenty of other ships that appear frequently such as the Y and B wings. There is no B wing model yet but fans of the Y Wing can start celebrating because the 1/72 kit is here. It’s here in my hands and it just needs ‘some assembly‘. Should be easy, right?

I thought so, too. However, that is not quite the case. Probably my first hint that things wouldn’t proceed as quickly as with the Snowspeeder came when I opened the instructions.

It isn’t an instruction book. It’s an instruction map! It folds out into this huge, and quite cumbersome, carpet-sized sheet of paper.

Why does it need such detailed instruction? Because you’ve got a lot of pipe to lay here. It’s called the C runner.

But that comes later. This build starts with the cockpit. Here is the marking sheet which I will need to use right away.

Try to get those stickers on in here…

Oh, more pilots!

I get to choose which one gets the privilege of flying my Y Wing.

(leaving this for later.)

Cockpit controls.

The only weapons this thing seems to have.

Start adding yellow.

There’s the top.

Now for the bottom.

If you want the non-opening cockpit you just use one grey piece. There is no clear plastic for this.

Or you can use the clear plastic and add stickers. There are no gray parts for this.

I’ll go easy now and worry about the stickers when I’m doing the entire thing.

Here’s the main body.

You’ve got some tiny parts to add to the larger parts before putting them on the largest part.

Add the pieces that make up the wings.

Here is where my droid goes.

You’re given two droids to assemble so you have a choice here but I’m not sure which I want to use and that’s okay because you put the body in and the head isn’t needed to continue on with the assembly.

Drop a piece down on top of that.

I’ve also got a very small part to add here.

It goes right here.

I’ve got this tiny thing too.

Somewhere in here?

Now the manual gets down to the nitty gritty of adding the pipe starting with the top of the fighter.

I think I did it correctly…

While I was handling the model, turning it over and around in my hands trying to get the right angle with which to lay the pipe I must have pushed on the wrong section of the kit.

Yup. That first super tiny part is broken.

It occurred to me that with the entire kit being white it is really hard to determine what is part of the mold and what is pipe or details that you are adding. It’s tough to know where to put your hands. If I continued on in this way there’s a good chance I could break quite a lot of small parts because they are so thin they are very fragile. I needed to come up with a way that would help me to recognise quickly what I could and couldn’t touch as I continued on with the model.

I had an idea.

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  1. bryanmerel says:

    This thing is not for a cassual builder as I am. O.o

    • Frankon says:

      Well they aent using photoetched parts so its still a intermedialne build (due to the size of parts)

      If they used photoetched parts for piping it would be a harder build.

  2. Wolfbane says:

    Oh, if Bandai was more sadistic there’d be P-Bandai kits on the Y-Wing variations (like from the Holiday Special with the ejecting cockpit module) or the two-seat version of the Y-Wing.

    Even then, this kit seems to be very intricate and more on the assembly difficulty similar to a Macross variable fighter.

  3. Saruda-kun says:

    That’s a lot of detail for the parts. BANDAI,WHY YOU NO DO DIS FOR GUNPLA

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