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When Bandai started talking about Reviving the HG line it was easy to understand the Guncannon being in there at the start given the age of the previous HG kit. And it just goes without saying that the RX-78-2 would be part of the beginning. When the third kit was announced as the Freedom Gundam I was a little bit surprised. That kit isn’t that old, is it? Well actually, it was originally released in June 2003 making it 12 years old now. Sure they released a Remastered version of it in 2012 but other than the colour tone they didn’t change anything about the kit. I was curious as to what Bandai did to make the new HGCE ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (REVIVE) better than the HG Freedom Gundam (Remaster) and so I built both at the same time and now I’m sharing that experience with you in the form of this blog post.

To give people a quick idea of how they differ here are the piles of runners.

Old Freedom on the left, new Freedom on the right. That’s how I’ve taken every picture so it’s easy for everyone to follow and see the comparison for themselves.

To start, here are the poly-cap runners.

Torso assembly.

The Freedom assembly is much like the Revive RX-78-2 with the shoulder poly-caps swinging upwards.

No red at all on the older Freedom’s torso?

You can see a lot more goes into the newer, Revive, kit.

Head assembly.

Like the Revive RX-78-2 you’re given a choice on what stickers you want to go with on your new Freedom. I went with the simpler method.

The older kit uses stickers for the grey cheeks but the Revive kit has a part just for that similar to what I’ve seen before in the PG Strike Freedom.

You also have to use gold stickers around the smaller V fin on the older kit which looks terrible, to be honest.

Shoulder and arm assembly.

The red on the older Freedom is a sticker but it is a plastic piece for the new kit.

Check out the difference in size of the upper arm armour part.

Look at the frame (yes, the frame!) of the arm of the new Revive Freedom. It has a groove hiding another plastic part that will be exposed when the arm bends.

This prevents you from seeing inside the joint when the arm is bent.

Just as Bandai has been promoting, the new Revive line has much better articulation.

What have we got so far?

Feet assembly.

Leg assembly.

The Revive has so many more parts. In fact, I think I may have left a part or two out of this shot.

Skirt assembly.

I’ll just modify this part here.

Without moving to the side guns and backpack yet we have this.

Continuing on.

The older Freedom gives you no way to add red or blue to those weapons but the new Freedom does include the blue piece and a sticker for the red.

Wings assembly.

The wing design for the Revive Freedom is very close to that of the RG Freedom, though they feel less fragile.

Backpack assembly.

Two pieces of plastic versus three!

Shield assembly.

Rifle assembly.

Beam saber handle assembly.

Beam sabers.

You suck, old Freedom!

So there you go. A post showing the difference in design between the old and new Revive Freedom Gundams. I’ll get to testing out just what the new Freedom can do.

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  1. Michael says:

    New onw trumps old one on the technical design, yet I’d say overall body proportions are better on the old, specifically, because of the head size. New one’s head is just too small.

  2. Frankon says:

    Just kill me but isnt the new one like a head taller than the old one… Bandai isnt keeping the size of the same kit?

  3. chris says:

    much prefer the head on the older kit but the new kit looks a lot better I’d say being a little leaner and taller. I not the biggest fan of the 2 poly cap waist connector.

  4. Jim says:

    what about Vs. the RG?

  5. irone86 says:

    RG is much2 better..dont know why they need to release this revive things

    • Dave says:

      1. HG kits are cheaper for Ban Dai to produce.
      2. They offer a low price point to the consumer.
      3. RG kits are generally for people that have a fair amount of building experience while the HG kits are considered an entry level.

      Like Macaroni and cheese, homemade straight from the oven is far better tasting but it costs more to make and takes much more time to make than a boxed Mac and cheese.

    • Paolo Alexis Falcone says:

      More reasons:
      1. The HGCE is nearer to the animation than the RG.
      2. The HGCE Freedom is less flimsy than its RG version. Wings that drop and sagging arms – not in this HG!
      3. The HG is just much better for customizing your own GUNPLA than the RG given compatibility with All Gundam Project parts and accessories.

  6. newbie says:

    Wouldn’t the arms and the wings loosen since there are no polycaps there? Of course it would be easier to play but not about posing. And could there be a chance the wings might come apart?

  7. Willy says:

    As a fan of the freedom gundam since I was a little kid, I am really pleased with this new “Revive” line!. I currently own a a MG Freedom (2004) and this might be a good upgrade. However, there is also the Real Grade freedom. Which should I pick?

  8. gundam80 says:

    I have a friend with a RG freedom and it is very flimsy. It’s wings fall apart all the time. I’d go with it if you want a really sweet display piece, and pick up the HG revive if you want a kit to play around with/customize.

  9. Pat says:

    Hi Syd, is this new revive kit compatible with the old hg m.e.t.e.o.r. unit?

  10. JG says:

    Just finished this kit, and is it just my build or are the hands TERRIBLE at holding the rifle, beam sabers, and shield?

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