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Though the RE/100 Dijeh was released at the end of June it took me two months to get down to building it. Much of that was due to being busy with other kits but another part of taking my time to get to it was that I wasn’t all that excited about its release. When RE/100 line was announced with the MSN-04II Nightingale I was impressed that Bandai had invented a grade seemingly just for this massive suit and it gave Bandai a way to release all those massive suits we would never be able to see in 1/100 scale (cough, Kshatriya, cough). Instead, what it has seemingly turned out to be (and this is my opinion so take it for whatever that is worth) is a way for Bandai to release model kits in the 1/100 scale without having to do much extra work, i.e the inner frame. The Dijeh is the fourth release in the RE1/100 line and it follows almost exactly the assembly for the Mk-III and the GP-04. Sure they have different armour designs and the shape of things sticking out of their bodies are different but the engineering for how the limbs go together is pretty much exactly the same. As such it almost feels like I could just replace pictures of the GP04 WIP for example with pics of the Dijeh and no one would notice.

That, of course, is an exaggeration and while the Dijeh follows the same design as the previous two RE/100 kits (how can it not when its using the exact same poly-caps in the exact same places?) there are some interesting things the Dijeh has going for it that likely puts it a cut above the other RE sans the Nightingale.

There’s the shot of the torso before the armour goes on.

And here’s a shot of that gadget it has on the left shoulder.

This design allows those little arms or rods on that shoulder piece to move. Kinda cool.

The large armour piece that hands on the right shoulder also moves.

This section for the back of the knee reminds me a little of the MG Geara Doga though while the hoses are not made of the same plastic they still can bend while the leg is moving.

At the top they hook over and hang there so they can move a little if you’re going to bend the leg a lot.

And a cool aspect I liked about the skirt are the places for the underside of the two front skirt panels to hook into. This secures them quite well.

The two fins on the Dijeh’s back are comprised of a dark blue frame and then four lighter blue panels.

The fit is perfect and they just snap into place.

For weapons you get the exact same weapons found with the MG Hyakushik 2.0.

However with the Dijeh not having those same hands they swap out the handles for you. The hands do work quite well.

I did find sometimes that the large Beam polearm would pop the hand out of the wrist joint if you had it at a bad angle. The armour that is on the underside of the lower arm and wrist can get in the way.

With the ankle design of these RE/100 it’s tough to get him balanced when standing if you open the legs too much.

While the knee joint bends quite a lot…

…the inability of the ankle to rotate, it can only pivot, means you’re pretty much stuck with the feet in one position.

Love all the markings Bandai give you. When/If I come back to this guy I want to get them all on

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  1. Daniel says:

    Great half review/WIP update.

    I’d like to ask two questions however – will you ever build a Unicorn Gundam kit? (HG or MG, whatever, PG even, I hope they release one in RG)

    My second question is, do you plan to review the MG Amazing Red Warrior? The HG version was my first kit, and I’d love to see your take on it.

    I’m a large fan of the Unicorn Gundam and Banshee, and I am considering purchasing one. Your reviews have helped me finalize my decision: The RG Exia, Sinanju Stein, the MG Dark Matter Exia, and then there’s the ones that I did not get: MG Delta Plus, HG Airmaster.


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