Gaijin Gunpla

A Gunpla Expo kit from last year? The year before? What year was it again? I’ve had the RG Destiny Heine Westenfluss Color Ver. sitting in the backlog for quite some time. As much as I love Real Grades I never got around to putting it together which is rather surprising considering its my favourite grade and in my favourite colour, orange.

I first saw this colour scheme at a buddy‘s house. He had the MG version of this kit and it definitely caught my attention but I had no opportunity to get one of the MG versions for myself. The RG, on the other hand, I wouldn’t let slip through my clumsy fingers.

Cuz orange!

The red also appears to be a different shade from the original RG Destiny.

The markings, however, are all the same.

As the release date for the RG Astray Red Frame approached I became more and more restless just anticipating building an RG again. When that restlessness became too much to handle I dug out this kit from the large backlog pile and got to work. A couple of hours later I was finished and the next day another couple of hours were spent on the markings.

It’s so sexy!

Some people are complaining about the face proportions in the RG Astray but I don’t remember any problems with the Destiny. I wonder what makes the difference.

Those silver foils tuck around the edge of the wing but they will peel off from there.

I did get lazy and haven’t yet placed on the red stickers for the extra hands.

I’ll get around to it. Sometime. Really. Until then I’ll be enjoying the look of the Heine Westenfluss Destiny (and the other RG kits, of course!)

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  1. Dan R says:

    Just built this myself such a smooth, sexy kit! Really wasn’t a fan of the Destiny when Watching Seed, but my goodness this Kit totally changed my mind. Hands down my favorite head on a Gundam so far.

  2. Tony says:

    Do you know where I could still get this model? For a good price at least that is.

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