Gaijin Gunpla

[Editor’s Note: Received and email from Zack asking to show everyone his kool kit bash which he’s dubbed Blitzgeister. Check out all the work he’s done on this thing!]

Well you folks can call me Drainbamage and I’ve been building gunpla for just over a year now. I had my start back in 2000 thanks to Cartoon Network and those model kit commercials along with wing and g-gundam. I built a few kits from the HG line and one MG but kinda lost interest due to lack of easy availability of kits at the time. Then in February of last year I was walking through Epcot Japan and saw piles of gunpla. I figured I would get back into it and picked up the Epyon MG and that was the beginning of my new favorite hobby. I stumbled onto HLJ and hobbylink TV. After that I jumped into the biggest kit I could find, the Sazabi Ver Ka and did a custom color scheme.

This build was my first kit bash and it really tested my skills. I used the MG delta plus, MG Sinanju Stein and the MG Tallgeese for parts. I modified the ankle joint to accept the stein feet on the delta legs. Also I grafted the leg thrusters and articulation arms from the stein onto the legs. I grafted the mounting pegs from the tallgeese hip armor onto the stein waist.

I modified the tallgeese head crest onto the stein head. Modded the tallgeese shoulders onto the stein arms and the tallgeese back thrusters onto the stein backpack.

Lots of modding and it’s all hand painted so it took quite a long time to finish. The water slides took quite a while but well worth it. Hope you folks like the build.

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  1. Kushal says:

    Hey, I remember you from the Gunpla Builders page on Facebook. Great to see how this has turned out! I was thinking about this kit when I was planning my own custom gunpla and the use of greys and whites with a black weapon definitely is a major inspiration for it. Love the second shot with all the thrusters.

  2. Glen says:

    This is Awesome!! very cool brah!!
    but in my opinion, you should’ve used a more massive shoulder.. maybe tallgeese III’s shoulder will do.. i bet it will make your Blitzgeister more gallant and enchanting

    Backpack and thrusters couldn’t be anymore COOL

    AWESOME dude!

  3. Vae says:

    Wow, it’s handpainted ? Such a clean job, congratulations !

  4. Gramps says:

    Congrats Zack, great job, great PR FOR YOU.

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