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In last week’s episode I was frustrated because it seemed I was breaking all the tiny pipe parts for the Star Wars Y-Wing Starfighter. It’s really hard to tell if you’re lining things up properly partly because the parts are so small and also because everything is all white. White everywhere! With this in mind my idea was to get another C runner from Bandai and then spray the entire thing with a grey.

Doing it this way would also allow viewers of the completed kit to see just how much stuff was added to the basic body of the Y Wing and appreciate what Bandai has done here. Here’s a shot of the runner after the spraying to show the differences between the before white and the after grey.

There’s that piece I broke before. The piece that broke the camel’s (re: my) back.

Let’s try this again.

Build the droid’s body.

Drop it in there and cover it up with a largish part.

I’ll leave the head off because I’ve got some work to do on them before plopping one on.

Now start laying pipe on the top.

Much easier to see, and show, what is going on.

Flip it over and work on the bottom.

These two are tough to get to stay in their respective positions. They are supposed to kind of hold each other in place. It’s best just to lay them in there for now and not try to hard to get them secure because any pressure going the wrong direction will snap these like a, well, like a very thin piece of plastic.

There are some unique shapes to be found.

Once you’ve done just enough of the work with the pipe you can attach the cockpit which will hold much of them in place. Just be sure to go slow and get them lined up properly.

Looks so clean and proper. I’m glad I have this picture for posterity.

The stand is the last thing constructed but I felt safer assembling it now and keeping the Y wing body there while I continued on other things.

Now for this… thing.

You have to line each panel up on its proper side otherwise nothing fits together properly.

Then it has to line up on the next larger part in the proper way otherwise bad things will happen.

Then this piece has to fit on in just the right (proper) otherwise all hope is lost for continuing on.

See how the edges are different.

So it’s like this, right?

I put it on only part way so I could see the groove there which is used to line up for the next part.

With that in place I can include that in the next larger section.

Add the small panel to hide the connection for the landing gear.

Now add this very detailed machine part.

There be undergates.

And then cover it up so you can’t see any of the details.

From there you need one D runner.

The rear of the one wing uses some very thin parts that slide together.

Did you notice the four long rails in the picture of the runner?

Those are no gate marks on the ends of each rail.

You have to secure the end piece to the rest of the wing with those four rails. For this first time I put the rails on the engine and then added the end.

It seemed touch to line up correctly and I had to refer to the images in the back of the manual to confirm I had it correctly.

The rails just drop into their grooves but you’ll likely need some pressure to get them in all the way.

The right wing should look like this when viewed from behind.

Now repeat the process again for the other wing.

Because I’ve done it before I’ll be able to get through this pretty quick.. wait! The shape of all these parts is completely different than those of the previous wing.

First wing manual image:

Second wing manual image:

All the grooves and areas used to identify alignment are completely different between the wings. If anything, the second wing is much easier to assemble than the first due to the different identifiers.

After that stage however the process is the same for the rails. This time I opted to put the small end assembly onto the rails first and then plug the rails into the wing. It went smoother than the other way.

Now for some more pipe laying. Let me just flip the manual over.

Yikes. With the wings you have to line the pipe up perfectly between the wing and the body and often it feels the pipe is too long and you would need to bend it to get it to fit but I already broke many pipes trying to bend them slightly so this time I trimmed one end of the pipe piece down by a millimetre or less just to give me that much more room to move it. Things went very smoothly.

With all the pipe on I just added the guns to the top of the cockpit.

From there it’s just a matter of applying all the stickers. Before calling it finished I painted the head of the droid.

I’m finding that many of the stickers Bandai offers do not fit well over the plastic areas that have a high level of contours and details.

This also applies to the waterslide decals they provide.

Some fit quite will if the surface is relatively smooth.

Showing off my pipes.

While I’ve got it upside down I’ll show how the landing gears go on. You have to pop off three panels. One under the cockpit and one under each wing.

Almost impossible to see here.

I would recommend not pushing too hard when attaching the landing gears. You don’t want to apply pressure to a fragile area on the other side of the kit.

This is the closed canopy.

If you want it open you have to take the guns off the top.

Grab the three canopy parts that needed stickers.

Here’s a shot of the cockpit while I have the canopy off.

Put on the first two then the third.

And now I can call it complete. It took a lot more work than I anticipated but I’m pleased with the results. One of the reasons I didn’t attempt the 1/72 X wing is because I felt it wouldn’t be too complicated of a build but the Y Wing, I think, may be too complicated for some. It’s good to see Bandai going this direction occasionally so hardcore modellers (the cement and paint kind) can really enjoy something as complex as this while still being snap-fit.

So what’s next, Bandai? I’m ready for more Star Wars.

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  1. scid says:

    I really like the Y wing and its frustated that I couldnt be able to get it as they were sold out at hlj and Bandai ask u olls to stop selling them internationall. I have to find it elsewhere I think.

  2. Michale says:

    You’re not going to panel-line it?

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