Gaijin Gunpla

I admit I know almost nothing about the RX-80PR Pale Rider (Ground Heavy Equipment Type) but I do know that I think it looks cool enough that I wanted to put one together.

I thought this kit would be using a lot of parts from previous HG kits but most runners seemed to be all new (well at least A, C, E, and F were).

You’re given quite a lot of the foil stickers and there is a reason for that.

When you assemble this guy you have to choose between making the Normal version or the Hades version.

Normal uses a green clear part for the face while Hades is red.

There’s also stickers for the shield and other areas.

Ooh, this thing looks like a gimmick.

And the rifle is a cool design that features a folding barrel.

He went together quite quickly and I like the finished result. You can see I went for the Normal version over the Hades.

The stickers that fit inside the chest vents can be tricky to line up properly but look quite good for stickers.

I do like the design of the back of the lower legs.

Let’s unfold that rifle.


He’s also got a bullpup submachine gun in case he needs it.

And Missile Launchers.

And that piercing/battering ram gimmick in the shield.

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  1. Matt says:

    I just picked this kit up too because I also thought it looked cool. Can’t wait to get it put together.

    Do you think it would benefit from painting the parts where the stickers go?

    • S2 says:

      I don’t know if the benefit is worth the effort. I went with the stickers because I can always swap stickers if I feel like making it into the Hades version.

  2. Neon Wave says:

    I bought 3 Pale Riders. I love this kit and Mobile Suit, a lot.

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