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Seeing the Amazing Red Warrior on display at the Shizuoka Hobby Show last May actually brought out a feeling of disappointment in me. Not so long ago I was always excited when there was a new MG announcement but this past couple of years many of the new Master Grade kits are for the Build Fighter series and these kits, by the nature of the anime, are different versions of older kits and so much of what I’ve built the last couple of years are just repeats of what I’ve built previously. When I saw the MG Amazing Red Warrior would use the 2.0 frame I thought ‘Here we go again‘, but maybe that’s more a case of me being spoiled and being able to build too much. I told myself I should keep an open mind, or even better have my mind a blank slate when I opened the box for the MG Gundam Amazing Red Warrior.

Overall Look: 9/10

You could say this is just a beefed-up RX-78-2 but there are quite a few changes in the armour that make it look like a completely different MS despite the same frame. The thrusters mounted above the shoulders really make it look beefier and the simplistic design of the armour on the leg make it seem it’s prepared for some grounding and pounding. It’s like an RX-78’s evil twin.

Is it just me or is the head somewhat insect-like?

And I really dig the contours of the torso. It’s like someone pal-plated their RX-78.

Colors: 9/10

You know, for an almost completely red suit this guy looks pretty good. I’m glad to see the difference in tones on the red unlike what we’ve seen in some of the older Char Zaku kits, for instance. The white and red trim work perfectly here. With the suit being mostly one colour it’s a little disappointing to see all the weapons come as one colour as well. Some variation there would have made it look a lot better, I feel.

Weapons: 10/10

There is a tonne of stuff here, but what puts it over the top is what you can do with all that stuff.

First off is that huge bazooka that mounts to the arm on the backpack. That seems to be the constant, but you also have the smaller weapons that can be used as is or combined and then held in hand or mounted to the backpack. For example, here is the rifle and the blades.

You can insert either one of those blades just under the barrel of that rifle.

This can mount to the backpack as well.

The non mounted blade can be held in the hand at the same time if that’s what you like.

Or you can can join the blades using an adaptor.

You can take the small handle and then make one of two additional weapons.


Then join it up with the rifle if you like.

You can even join weapons together using an adaptor.

Don’t forget the beam sabre blades!

And the weapon he has under the shield.

This guy is carrying a lot of heat. I guess this makes up for his small shield.

Articulation: 9/10

A lot of things move on this kit though I can’t say that it makes it super stable at times. Most things seem to move independently. I noticed if you split the feet out wide but keep him flat-footed on the floor the foot assembly can start to come apart.

The boosters on the shoulders that I am falling more and more in love with can swivel and point backwards when he needs a little boost.

The thrusters also have a lot of movement so they can be positioned in a variety of directions.

Though this can mean they’ll start acting like they have a mind of their own and point in directions you never intended.

The best example of good articulation on the Red Warrior can be found on the arms on the backpack. These things can swivel and bend in almost any direction so those weapons ARW is sporting on his back can be posed any way you want!

That’s the ‘normal’ way to do it. I prefer this way.

C’mon. Is that not badass? Tell Amazing to his face that it isn’t.

And for fun I tested him on the one-legged pose.

Build Design: 9/10

I’ll back up a bit and talk about the shoulders again. The thrusters up top swivel, as I’ve already mentioned, but to due that Bandai had to redesign a few pieces from the RX-78-2 2.0 kit while still maintaining that great shoulder movement that kit had.

The thrusters are capable of moving enough as to not inhibit some of the articulation you want from this 2.0 frame.

Also, that backpack design is great but with the two arms attached a little heavier than it was on the 2.0. Well, Bandai redesigned the backpack connection to account for that extra weight.

Other than the shoulder joints of the torso Bandai completely redid the torso design on the Amazing Red Warrior. You have the chest vents that can open revealing something hidden behind.

The cockpit door also opens revealing the pilot. There is no Core Fighter for this kit.

That same gimmick in the torso also happens on the front skirts.

The side skirts open as well but reveal a socket that can take an adaptor and allow you to mount weapons on its hips.

I confused that adaptor for the adaptor for the Action Base. That comes with the kit as well.

The hands are the same as the 2.0 and use most of those parts except for the palm which is new and has the tab allowing the grip on the weapons to be stronger.

Another great design element is found in the weapons assembly. Any weapon that can be mounted to the arms does so using a small roundish piece.

This piece rotates inside the weapon so when it’s not connected to the arm (or another weapon) that hole is not visible.

When you want to attach the weapons to something just rotate that so the hole faces out. Nice!

Fun Factor: 10/10

I will admit it; I didn’t expect much. Oh, another 2.0 frame, I thought. That would be exciting if I hadn’t already built the 2.0, the 2.0 Real Type Colour, the GM 2.0, the RX-78-3… But with all the changes, it’s almost an entirely new kit! When building a kit that contains elements of something I’ve built before I usually look for what is new. With the Amazing Red Warrior, so much of it is new, that I was keen on seeing what Bandai was able to use from before. It was a refreshing change from what I’ve been experiencing before on the GBF kits, most notably the Build Gundam Mk-II. If the new design elements aren’t enough to inspire, all that weaponry sure is.

Extras: 10/10

I’ve already mentioned all those adaptors but this kit also comes with more than enough markings so your Red Warrior will be a little less red when you’re done putting on all of those.

And did I mention all the adaptors?

Of course the standing pilot is there too.

I should also mention you get a lot of extra 2.0 parts that you can use for other projects if you are so inclined.

These piston housing will come in useful.

So there you go. The Amazing Red Warrior straight out of the box lives up to 2/3rds of its name. It is Red and it is Amazing. I guess the warrior part is up to you.

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  1. Phillax says:

    Gotta admit, this kit changed my mind 😀

  2. Eugeo says:

    Well as we knew from meijin’s handwork
    He had a lot of stuffs under his sleeve
    like exia DM

    Im considering on getting this kit cuz of ur review XD
    But still, my fenice rinascita hasnt come yet

  3. Chase says:

    Oh darn it… And I was planning to get Sinanju OVA…

    Syd, please help me on this…the scores on Sinanju Ver ka, Sinanju OVA and ARW are all but the same, and as you, whom have build all of them, will contribute greatly on this.. Im impressed with all of them, but I need to focus only on ONE. thanks!

    • Phillax says:

      I have both versions of Sinanju, basically OVA is the revised version of the Ka.

      And don’t forget about the bazooka!

  4. zigma says:

    Very Nice kit. I recently built
    – MG Rx-78-2 3.0
    – MG Shin Musha

    This kit looks plain simple at a glance… but I can’t believe that I start to like this kit which is another kit based on Rx-78-2. I start to like it because of weaponry and backpack features.

    I’m still debating whether I should get this kit or mg dark matter… somehow most suits that I like are in red color.

    I would like to know what color do you plan to panel line the red color? Is it brown or black? I have been browsing around picture of MG shin musha online, and I find a lot of them are panel line with black color. Which color do you recommend?


  5. Glen says:

    This was even cooler than in the anime! That last pose was epic Syd! nice work there!

    uhmm but Syd, did you by any chance know if there will be a perfect gundam III Ver. Katoki? as a Ver. Ka maybe? because, This kit is COOL, but honestly i prefer the Perfect Gundam III of Katoki’s design.. it has more something..

  6. Glen says:

    Also I thought Bandai should release the Forever Gundam Mk-III “Red Ranunculus” too, at least HG.. that Gundam is also wicked cool in my opnion…

  7. xdarkx says:

    I just realized that Red Warrior even beat the Build Burning as the 1st MG for GBFT.

    • Mavee says:

      Meijin’s mobile suit is easier to make due to the fact that the few molds of the kit have already been re used over and over again, plus it’s newer than any possible mold for the build/try/kamiki burning gundam. Knowing bandai, they won’t leave the Burning Gundam, they will release it I’m sure. But they are so glued in the IBO skyrocketting demand they can’t just leave it behind. Though I, wouldn’t be surprised if they would complete the entire Meijin Kawaguchi with just Hi-Nu VRabe, Kampfer Amazing and Amazing Zaku left.

  8. Doug Glassman says:

    I know the kit doesn’t come with a core fighter, but if I had an extra MG 2.0 core fighter lying around, is it possible to configure the torso to house it?

    • S2 says:

      It might be tough. With the new gimmicks in the chest vents there isn’t much room inside the kit. You would have to remove the cockpit and pilot’s chair just to start.

      • Doug Glassman says:

        Ah well… I want to use Amazing Warrior as my stand-in for Char’s RX-78 from Gihren’s Greed and the core fighter would’ve been cool to have, but it’s not a huge loss.

  9. seabook says:

    Imo 2.0 version is best version of rx-78 revision, so i was very happy when bandai use 2.0 frame instead 3.0. And maybe because there’s only one 2.0 ver that i build: g3 gundam, which make me not mind with bandai decision.

    I was expecting it’ll be a great kit, and this review justified my expectation. This’ll be my next mg for sure.

  10. kibo says:

    Meijin Kawaguchi’s Gundam, there’s no decal

  11. Michael says:

    I’ve built mine over the weekend and for me front skirts just don’t hold in the closed position. Moving parts keeps sliding down

  12. superhunterz says:

    if im gonna paint the mg red warrior what shades of red would I need to make it mor vibrant?

  13. Jon says:

    So two kits arrived today, this one and the MG Exia Ignition Mode.

    I have a HG AW and I can’t believe how close it was to the MG specially the lower limbs! MGAW is boring, lacks gimmicks unlike the MG Exia which have gimmicks on its limbs whereas the AW is so plain in fact so plain its almost as if they copied the mold of the HG version and modified obky its height.

    I regret buying this kit and I can’t believe how high it ranked here.

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