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Ya, it has been almost nine months since I last wrote about the PG Unicorn I’ve been storing away working on. Ya, I’ve been busy. Okay, that’s not really an excuse as I’m always busy and yet I still, occasionally, manage to finish a model. I have actually been working on this thing between January and now. Sometime mid-march, if I recall correctly, I took a gundam panel line marker and panel-lined all the armour pieces. I kept the pieces on the runner while doing so, so it would help later on when it came to putting these things on the kit.

There are a lot of parts!

With most of the parts having under-gates it was nice to be able to go one runner at a time, as time allowed, with the panel-lines.

I also was able to panel line the underside of certain parts which would be visible at times.

I also painted these.

But must have not taken a picture so, um, look forward to those.

For the last several months the PG Unicorn has been sitting around like this.

Well, even though I just moved and haven’t finished unpacking…

… I thought I should get this kit done before the arrival of the PG Banshee Norn which should be here in a couple of weeks. Yikes! So I cleared an area of the floor and sat down to work.

Really what caused such a delay was my reluctance to get started on such a large water-slide decal job. I’m not going to use the included markings stickers (well, not all of them). I’ve already used those once. Instead I’m (mostly) going to use the water-slide decals found in the PG Unicorn Full Armor Set. I appreciate water-slide decals and actually enjoy the process of applying them once I get down to it but compared to just cutting parts off a sprue and snapping things together water-slide decal work can be painstaking and tedious though the results are worth it. I always am reluctant to start decals and go for the quick gratification of a different kit. But I want my PG Unicorn finished! I’ve cleared a spot for it in my new office and want to be able to display it in its glory.

Once I got started I noticed there are quite a few areas where no decals are even applied such as the feet. In cases like that I assembled as far as I could go before it needed a decal.

I’ve painted the blue armour parts on the feet and backpack and haven’t sprayed any kind of topcoat and don’t really intend to. I haven’t painted any white parts and so no top-coat is needed before putting decals there so for the backpack at least I used the included markings.

I also assembled the knee joints and the sides of legs before decaling them as sections.

After a couple of hours I had the majority of the legs done.

I’ve got to rebuild the torso some what as well as do what I can with the arms before applying those markings but with the legs done I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. A bright red light.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    syd just wanted to ask since Im new. How do you know if a set of stickers is a waterslide type of a normal one?

    Cant really tell between the two honestly.

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    Progress at last! 🙂

    …and what a progress, I might add.
    Keep up the good work, Syd!

  3. Jarrod says:

    Good luck with getting the armor pieces to fit seamlessly with the wiring. Mine still doesn’t look right.

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