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It seems like only yesterday that I finished my PG Unicorn Gundam. Actually, it was the day before yesterday. And actually, I’m still not finished. I have the Bazooka, Gatlings, and Rifle to assemble yet, for all intents and purposes I consider it finished and will likely post at least a Unicorn Mode Gallery in the very near future.

But that has to wait as I’m once again beginning the trek through a Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam, this time in the form of the Banshee Norn. Just like with the Unicorn last year, I am enamoured by everything about this kit. Just look at that box!

Even the flaps have the different (cool) artwork, like I knew they would.

And it wouldn’t be a Perfect Grade without an awesome, glossy colour page, manual.

Marking guide!

Quite a few here.

Here’s some new stuff at the back of the manual.

Last steps for the head are different for the Norn, obviously.

Backpack is differnet (duh) but assembly is pretty much the same until the very end.

You can just put the beam sabre handles on and make a normal Banshee or choose the Norn. I know my (and everyone’s) choice.

Check out the new stuff for the MS itself.

This is new, too.

That’s the obvious new stuff and it’s pretty apparent how much more plastic there is when you look at the final runner listings for both kits.

Here’s the LED set. It’s exactly the same, including the UPC code, but Bandai has altered some text and added a new image to the packaging

To start I assembled the stand.

And I also prepared the psychoframe parts.


In order to determine if there are any other subtle differences between the kits I put the manuals side by side as I started to assemble.

This means I should spot the differences as I go along. It also means I may end up looking at the wrong manual while assembling.

Because I was going to be doing this for a good length of time I threw on a movie to give me something else to focus on sometimes as I went along.

I’ll leave out commenting on this for the time being.

Right away I spot a difference!

Unicorn Pilot.

Norn Pilot.

Away we go.

Still impressed with the engineering on this kit.

Near the end of the Torso assembly, just before you start messing around with the LED, you have a new piece to put into place.

Before putting that all on, however, you need to do the wiring.

I’m getting better at it, but it is still tough. Maybe by the time Bandai releases a PG Phenex I’ll be a master.

I also prepped some head pieces for eventual assembly.

The head comes near the end of the build but I was curious.

Then I started not the legs.

Episode III is longer than I remembered which is fine because it took me some time (again) to wire up the legs.

For the second leg, the left, I decided to try a different approach. I completely removed the two frame pieces that house the LED and installed the LED with those parts unattached.

Worked quite well, though you have to be careful when putting these parts back onto the leg frame.

Is it just me or is the wiring more noticeable through the orange psychoframe than the red?

Once the movie finished I called it a night.

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  1. HBSK says:

    The already announced a PG Phenex. No, seriously. XD

  2. Brian ver. Kanada says:

    Do you think that it will be necessary to paint at least some of the wires a flat black to hide them better, or blend in with the frame?

  3. Jacob says:

    Hi Syd, is it only my feeling or, between the PG and MG of Unicorn has similar build process and transformation mechanism for most part? left the PG has more parts and detail.. I’m very curious…
    like the MG is a miniaturized PG and or the PG seemed like upsized MG..

    • Jacob says:

      hmm wonder why do i never get an answer to this…
      i’m curious to death..

      • Tyrion133 says:

        While they are very similar, I wouldn’t call the PG Unicorn an upsized MG. To start with, the MG Unicorn is already very detailed. But gone are the flimsy parts and weak structure. In their place is a very sturdy internal frame and a good transformation process.

  4. Tyrion133 says:

    I have to ask, why does HLJ list the PG Banshee as discontinued?

  5. Axyll says:

    Why do I seem to be the only person kinda disappointed with it? Theres nothing really cool here that we didn’t see with the PG Unicorn. Its pretty much a pallete swap with a couple new bits.

    • S2 says:

      What would you expect to see?

      • Axyll says:

        I didn’t really have any specific expectations. It just seems kinda lazy on their part. But I do get it, easy to produce and its very popular. I just feel I’m the only one going “meh” about it.
        Although… That could be because I haven’t built a pg yet.

    • Jacob says:

      of course they were very similar, Anaheim built them on same basis except for the antenae and some weapon, shield and backpack.. hhhee
      but it’s always fun to build a Unicorn, not to mention it’s a PG.. even the MG were already pretty much a challenge brah…

      • Axyll says:

        Hehehe I guess I should reserve my judgment until I actually build one. I’d probably go with the unicorn instead of the banshee.

    • Tony says:

      I think I know where you’re coming from. The Unicorn was the first PG I built and to build another, although I love the form of the Banshee, doesn’t really excite me. But it’s the same as the Strike and its derivatives and Bandai has to get a return on the development cost that they put into the Unicorn.

      I’m on holiday in Tokyo at the moment and while it’s cool seeing all the PG Banshees in the shops (that box art is amazing) I bought two other PGs to take back to Australia with me (although I’ll probably be kicking myself later that I didn’t get one – 16000 yen!).

    • JohnDoe says:

      Isn’t it the same with different modelseries all over the last years?
      Look at the variants/’xclusive’ colorschemes/special platings or different ‘modes’a.k.a. colorswaps of the strikes, the double’o’s and seed astray ‘everycolored’-frame and now the pretty obvious unicorn kits being milked until everyone pukes their plastic in the shape of the unicorn…. and will get sued by them 😀

  6. Jodi Subagio says:

    What is the color of banshee norn main body

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