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[Editor’s Note: Benjy has been featured before here on Gaijin Gunpla and he was excited to show off his newest work.]

I gave the banshee a new white and gold color scheme similar to the white ranger, so I guess I’ll just call it Banshee ver. White Tanger. I definitely learned a lot about painting with metallic paints. It is a lot thicker than your average acrylics, so you need to really play around with it and figure out the consistencies. I actually fully painted the head and body three times, but stripped off the paint and repainted since it wasn’t as smooth as I wanted.

I really wanted to see if you can hand-paint with gold or silver or any shiny colors and see if it would look good.
I am pretty happy with the results, but it could have definitely been better if I was a little more patient.
Again, I used acrylic metallic folkart paint if anyone is interested and I did apply waterslides that I got on ebay.

Hand-painting is a tedious and very difficult process that does take awhile to get down, but it is for sure very rewarding when you finally complete a kit and realize how much work went into all the pieces of a kit.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Hands down for hand painting white color… Its the most difficult to do.

  2. Yaj says:

    It is very rewarding when painting gunpla using a handbrush. I also did that too on my first gunpla collection.

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