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This may be just a re-colour of the MG Shen Long Gundam, or it might not be. This is one of those Mobile Suits that people wanted to see in 1/100 scale for quite a long time and quite a few builders customised their MG XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam EW Ver, released back in 2011, into an Altron or Nataku including one that was shown here in the Reader Submission section. While I don’t think this kit OOB can touch Izaac’s I’m gonna build it anyway.

I’m going to believe the box art is cool even though it’s monochrome. Here is what is more important; the stuff inside the box.

Waterslides! Yayy!

Foil Stickers. Less enthusiastic!

When I pulled out the first runner I was somewhat surprised.

I expected it to be labeled as MG Shen Long Gundam EW but instead I saw this:

“1/100 MG Shen Long Gundam EW MG 1/100 Altron Gundam EW” All stamped onto in there together. I guess it is both though I’ve never seen Bandai relabel a runner like this.

Here is the pile or runners labeled with both names:

Here are the runners labeled as only the Altron:

Then you have the XXXG Frame runners which are found throughout 2011’s MG Wing releases.

Poly-caps and effect parts.

The manual has the colour lacking from the box art.

I dig it!

The manual is actually quite thin at only 11 pages.

The build starts off with the XXXG frame runners so we’ve seen this numerous times before.

And we’ve seen the Shen Long so we know what comes after that.

Yes, the build is pretty much exactly the same which makes sense when you think back to the runners and their double label. I suspect what most people are interested in with the Altron is the weapons.

Not that one!

That one! You have not one, but two, Dragon Fangs to assemble. So start of building six of something!

This is where the small red runners come in.

You also need two of these.

Puttem altogether and waddya got?

You got these. And you now set them aside for the time being to work on something else.

Here the fangs of the Dragon Fang.

You do have some stickers to put on here.

I put them on like this:

That was too low. When you drop on the lighter green piece the stickers weren’t lining up and so I had to adjust them.

Aim for the top!

The fangs fold in when not deployed.

You kind of have to look from the underside when folding the fangs in. It’s easy to push too far and the red parts slide over each other. They should just touch.

Add some fins to the top and bottom.

At the end of the Dragon Fang attach that red contraption.

That looks cool.

Those look cool.

To mount them to your Altron you have use these parts.

You have two extra little bits found on the new frame runner.

These differ on each side. Bandai details how the side with the four dots, one on each corner, is meant to face downwards.

Slide the peg completely through Altron’s arm.

Then attach the other side, attach the loose end of that red chain thing to the underside, and swing the Dragon Fang down and into place.


But you have more of these to use!

This is extra length for use when the Dragon Fang is deployed. You will also need this(these).

Unhook the Dragon Fang from its home.

Unattach the red chain leaving only the first part in place.

Swing the Dragon Fang mount down so it covers the hand.

Attach the long length of red.

Then attach the Dragon Fang itself.

Then go nuts.

This thing is super cool so I’ll be playing with it for some time but first I’m going to get those waterslides on and then take some proper pictures.

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  1. Paolo Lorenzo says:

    And now I regret that I did not pre-order this kit 🙁

  2. Frankon says:

    Pun wasn’t that bad… But better would be Age of P-Bandai…

    Still its a good looking kit. Its kind of sad that it isnt the regular release. I prefare its color to the Shenlong.

  3. Jose Elias says:

    It’s a straight out of the box build? cause it’s look fan friking tastic! can wait till mine come home 😀

  4. HBSK says:

    Doesn’t convince me at all.

    Still hoping for that Haisha tachi no eikou version (You know,STINGER FUCKING TAIL!) as a regular release.

  5. Paulor says:

    This is a really nice kit. The head build is slightly different to the Shenlong, the v-fin and the white camera cover is new to the Altron. I’m currently modding mine to use the wings and tail from the TV 1/100 Altron and it is a very easy mod to do.

  6. Jacob says:

    Ahh premium Bandai..
    I never liked the dual tone of a P-Bandai’s boxes.. not seemed like a premium to me.. I know the most important thing is what’s inside, but still, for me, if you name your products as premium, it has to be something more special (than a dual tone colored boxes)… heehee

    Nice kit anyway

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