Gaijin Gunpla

Remember, I’m doing things all out of order so while I had all sub sections ready for the legs I left them at that and moved onto the skirt. Assembling the front, back, and side skirts was simple enough.

And that’s a good thing too, because I forgot the manual somewhere else. I had to use my iPad and find scans of the PG Unicorn manual online. Yeah, I remember most of the build for the PG Unicorn but I’m not that good.

I do remember the skirt frame being a pain in the ass fun. Once you’ve inserted the LED you’ve got a lot of wires to lay into their respective grooves.

If you’ve done it correctly they will stay there and the center block for the rear of the skirt goes on holding them all in place.

The manual has you first run the wire from the legs into the spaces on the skirt frame created for holding those wires in place but because I never planned to attach the legs at this time I just let the LED connector from the skirts sit in there.

I then attached the LEDs to both rear and both front skirts leaving the side skirts off until I connect the legs.

Wires everywhere!

I also didn’t connect the skirt to the torso which the manual has you do around this stage of the build.

Instead I went after the arms, more specifically all those sub assemblies you put together before going for the LED.

When I had done two of each assembly I started the wiring for the right arm.

Remember these stickers? They were red on the Unicorn.

I don’t remember the arms being difficult and I had them wired and assembled pretty quickly.

I think the elbow is the part of the PG Unicorn/Banshee where, if you look close enough, you can see a wire.

Wiring up the shoulder was a little tricky like I remembered it being but didn’t take too long.

You do have to be careful when handling the entire arm/shoulder assembly, though. As if the shoulder is pushed too far onto the arm connect piece the shoulder won’t bend but it can also just slide off the other way quite easily. Trust me!

Then it gets difficult. You’ve got to store the LED connections inside the body of the Unicorn and then do something with the wires.

This is the part I remember being quite a challenge. Once you get the arm on the peg on the torso you have to swing it up so you can work on getting the wiring into place in the back of the torso.

You have to lay the wire into the underside of the shoulder assembly which is only exposed when you push the arm up towards Unicorn’s head.

When you’ve got the wire into that position you then have to fit it into a groove along the side of the torso so that any extra length is hanging out the back.

And if you push on the wrong part the wrong way or in the wrong direction or with the wrong amount of pressure things can happen. Things like the wiring coming out from the underside of the shoulder assembly (that happened to me), or, the arm coming off the peg and the shoulder coming off (that happened to me), or like the wire not tucking properly into the back of the torso and because of that the last armour parts not fitting into place (that kept happening to me).

I had my Banshee stretched out to the max.

That’s good for the back.

Then cram the wire in as best you can.

And when you finally get it…

…you feel a great sense of satisfaction. Or is it relief?

Finally being pretty much done I stuck the Norn on the stand and then hooked up the final LED which is for the backpack.

It looked pretty good.

I still had some small things to take care of like getting the transparent piece onto the Revolving Launcher.

Grab these three parts that are still on a runner somewhere.

And make this.

One piece opens so you can plug in the effect part.

To get it into the launcher you have to first take off the cover, spin the one cylindrical piece found inside around, close up the cover and you’re good to go.

You’re also given an attachment piece which enables you to attach the shield to the back of the Banshee.

This makes this ridiculously tall thing even more ridiculous.. and tall.

As far as WIP posts are concerned this is it for the PG Banshee Norn but I’ve got a monster photo dump post coming where I (try to) show everything. Then I’ll be taking some things apart and doing some painting or something I haven’t quite settled no yet but those details will be made known once I know for sure.

TL:DR this kit is awesome!

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