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I put in a couple long sessions and cranked this kit out in good time. Having built the PG Unicorn last year probably has something to do with how quickly I got the Banshee Norn assembled. Even though it wasn’t a new experience it is still an exhilarating one. I love everything about this kit and having it completed, staring at you, from that huge base, with that huge shield, it’s just jaw-dropping. They say every Gunpla fan should build at least one Perfect Grade kit. I’ll take it a step further and say anyone who has built a PG before still should try their hand at the Unicorn. If they can get their hands on it, that is. Bandai just doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the demand with these two kits and I can kind of understand why. Both are amazing! So here’s my PG Banshee Norn photo dump extravaganza!

First up, Unicorn Mode!

I love the Unicorn in Unicorn Mode so I promised myself I would display the Banshee Norn in Destroy Mode and now I’m having second thought because the Banshee Norn’s Destroy Mode is just as gorgeous! It’s even more imposing with the Armed Armor DE on its back. These two sure look good together.

I did quite some work on that Unicorn though it may be difficult to tell at a glance. Everything except the white armour and red psycho frame has been painted and water-slide decals were used,which is part of the reason I don’t want to transform it as I don’t want to wreck the decal work. For the Banshee Norn I am still determining what I will do to it. I will be painting some parts though likely will leave the armour as is and the frame as well. I’ll also probably use the stickers so that I can handle him as much as I want so if I do want to see him back in Unicorn Mode (or do I call it Banshee Mode?) I won’t have to worry about handling it.

I don’t think I will have regrets about (dis)playing it in Destroy Mode, however. Just look at it!

And if I’m, for some reason or another, not quite satisfied when looking at it in Destroy Mode I can just adjust it and show it off in its Unchained Mode. Drool…

I’ll be tinkering with this guy for some time but hopefully not as long as with the Unicorn. The kit has been completed for a few days now but I’m already anxious to get started taking it apart and putting it back together, and enjoying every minute of it.

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  1. Il-Bagis says:

    Hi Syd, thanks for these photos. I have both the Banshee and also a pre-order for the Unicorn. Though they share many parts, they also have differences. Which kit is easier in your opinion and which one you recommend me to start working on first?

    • S2 says:

      I think in terms of difficulty they are about the same, though you have extra work to do on the Norn with the backpack and head that can trip you up a bit if you’re not paying attention. Build the one you like more last. If you build it first you may lose motivation to build the second one.

      • Il-Bagis says:

        Thanks for the advise Syd! 🙂 Will start with the Banshee as I definitely prefer the Unicorn more.

  2. Jacob says:

    ahh I’m drooling for this kit….

  3. William says:

    Hi Sir, nice to see your photo review of PG banshee norn. By the way, I’ve got mine done and now ready for flat topcoating. Could you please give me some advice, such as to topcoat the psychoframe too or not?

  4. Ymir Danne says:

    Dang!…i’m so excited to have one on this December!..can’t wait to build my first ever PG!… <3

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