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kit: 1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam

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  1. RJ says:

    Just BEAUTIFUL!! Well my PG Unicorn 2 Banshee Norn is still in storage room… Cant wait!!

  2. Paolo Lorenzo says:

    I would love to build this monster but I’ll get my hands on the MG unicorn first to at least have an idea on how the build goes.

    • Ramb says:

      I would heavily advise you to not buy the MG. All versions of the MG Unicorn are pretty bad and flimsy. Also, PGs are built way differently, so go ahead with the PG

      • Paolo Lorenzo says:

        Thanks for the advice! I think I will have to take a break from building MGs and RGs so I can save enough money to buy this guy ASAP.

      • Justin says:

        I agree with you but would also like to add that they have terrible articulation in the knee. The PG fixes that problem.

  3. Maniacamura says:

    Very nice! Could I ask if you painted it and what white paint did you use?

    • S2 says:

      I used Gun Metal and Light Gun metal for the frame with the exception being the back of the knees which were Silver Leaf. The grey is a military gray and the backpack and feet were a metallic blue though I can’t remember the exact colour.

      • Maniacamura says:

        Thanks! About to start banshee and then unicorns after haha still deciding if I should paint the outer armour of the banshee

  4. Rsnptr says:

    What top coat do you apply on this monster Syd? And do you apply the paint with cans or air brush? I’m new to this hobby and want to learn. Haha

    • S2 says:

      I haven’t applied any topcoat to this guy yet. I only use cans but if you have experience with an airbrush that is always the better option.

  5. Shawn says:

    Amazing work! I love the Ver Ka style decals for Unicorn. The panel lines are perfect! Did you use Tamiya’s panel line wash or an enamel wash of your own making?

    • S2 says:

      I just used a panel-line marker and a cotton swab. Actually did the panel lines while the parts were still on the runner.

  6. Bernard says:

    syd, does the unicorn gundam pg kit come with all those decals that you used here? Or are the decals bought separately?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Between the PG Unicorn and the Banshee, which would you recommend? I plan to get one of them, but I’m having trouble making a decision.

    • S2 says:

      It is a tough choice. I like the look of the Unicorn better. The Unicorn also comes with more weapons but the Banshee has that cool shield. They are both awesome.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s how I feel as well. I like the look of the Unicorn and the bazooka and gatlings it comes with, in addition to its lower price, but then I look at the Banshee with its dark navy blue and gold color combo plus its backpack and shield, and I can’t help but think, “Damn, that looks awesome.” And then I go back and forth. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I think I’ll go with the Unicorn, and maybe get the Banshee later.

  8. Tag says:

    I was building up the courage to buy my first PG, and coincidentally, the two kits I’m considering are here on the website, the Unicorn/Banshee (either one) or the Aile Strike. Normally, I would prefer the Unicorn, but I have some questions I was hoping you would be able to answer since you’ve built both. I’ve read elsewhere that the Unicorn is more like an upscaled MG, and one of the main reasons I want to get a PG is for the build complexity and detail, while the Strike as far as I’ve seen fulfills both criteria, though it is much older and lacks the coolness of the LED psychoframe. My questions to you are, is the PG Unicorn as complex and detailed as other PGs in terms of build or is it too similar to the MG Unicorn? Also, do the Strike’s/Skygrasper’s have any impact on how outwardly detailed the kits are? (I know you build the clear version which may make a difference but nonetheless any insight would help) Finally, my last questions are: which kit was more enjoyable to build, play with, and display, and if you had to choose between the Unicorn/Banshee, Aile Strike, and Strike Freedom, which one would you pick and why? Also, I’m sorry for the long posts, I just like the present my thoughts and mindset about the questions as best I can

    • S2 says:

      I’m going to be a bit biased here because I love the PG Unicorn and it may be my favourite model of them all. Yes, a lot of it is similar to the MG kit but where the MG kit had problems the PG fixes all that. Installing the LED wiring can be tricky but once you’re done it looks amazing and it transforms into more modes than the MG can and is a lot sturdier in its different modes. I really like the Strike Gundam PG kit as well and it was so solid that it was the basis for the PG Strike Freedom and the PG Astray Red Frame. The Unicorn will lack some of the internals that the Strike has but makes up for it when you’re wiring it up. My preference would be:

      1) Unicorn
      2) Strike
      3) Strike Freedom

      An important consideration, the Unicorn includes a stand but the Strike doesn’t unless you pick up the Aile Striker pack.

  9. Tag says:

    Thanks for the insight. I was personally leaning towards the Unicorn, and had the Final Battle Version been regularly available instead of a difficult to obtain, double the price in the States P-Bandai exclusive there would be no debate which one I’d get. I had two more questions. Is the psychoframe the same shade of pink that came with the MG or is it a different shade, and either way, is it possible to paint and maintain the LED glow as long as it’s a similar shade of UV paint? Also, have you built or have you considered building either the PG GP01/FB or the PG MKII and are those kits worth building based on experience or what you’ve heard others say? Also, a side thing, have you considered writing Perfect Grade reviews for the kits you’ve made?

  10. Kuma says:

    Cool decal work! Are they water sliders or just stickers?

  11. Hi!
    Big fan from Sweden here 😉
    I have my sights set on the PG Unicorn. I have plans to paint the frame with gun metal, do panel lines and perhaps some light weathering.
    Could I airbrush the frame parts on the sprue?
    Should I use black primer, then gun metal, then a top coat?
    I read you did panel lines while on the sprues, that sounds great!
    Should I top coat after that?

    Kind regards!
    Kim W.

  12. Reyn eda says:

    Hi, i just want to ask if you assembled it first or you do panel lining 1st before assembling ?

    • S2 says:

      I usually assemble first but if it looks like some areas will be hard to reach I may panel line prior to assembly.

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