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I’m trying to not spoil anything for myself before The Force Awakens hits the theatre nearest me on December 18th. But that doesn’t mean I’m hiding under a rock, either. My own rules in this kind of situation is to check out the mass release reveals such as the TV spots or trailers but to avoid any internet site that will try to release story details or spoilers. Having explained all that I feel that assembling Bandai’s First Order Stormtrooper (or, 1/12 ファースト・オーダー ストームトルーパー as I need to call it for linking purposes) doesn’t violate any of my self-imposed rules.

One thing I wanted to be careful of when I got this kit was the possibility that there would be spoilers on the packaging or manual.

Oh, what’s that?


Although this pose is something I don’t recall seeing in any of the trailers so far.

I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that. Or this.

There are some stickers, or decals if you prefer, to put on this almost all-white dude.

And it looks like this is a completely new kit. All runners are labelled as 1/12 Stormtrooper (TFA), poly-cap runner aside.

The head assembles differently than that of the Stormtrooper which kind of surprised me a little.

I actually like the look of the First Order Stormtrooper and don’t see it as too drastic a change from the original and much-loved Trooper. Disney did a good job designing this to look new but also reference what has become a classic look.

Though, to me, that face kind of looks like another Disney character…

If I’m not mistaken the upper legs feature a new design. That black part you see at the bottom is a plastic part and not a poly-cap.

The bottoms of the feet are also detailed and not just flat.

More plastic parts that fit inside the limbs.

I really love the look of the blaster the new Stormtrooper has.

And this thing takes some stickers. More than some!

Spoilers! They have a riot shield!

Once you’re all done with assembly and (most of) the stickers you’ll have a new playmate.


Even though he’s a Stormtrooper I cannot yet take him seriously.

Nice pose!

Will these new Stormtroopers be better trained than those of thirty years prior who were conscripted to refit an ageing clone army and never received sufficient blaster training?

For the sake of the Empire I hope so.

If you think about it, it’s the poorly trained Stormtroopers who never could hit their target who allowed the young rebels to escape which lead to the destruction of the Death Star base and the subsequent fall of the Empire.

Learn to shoot!

Or just use these things.

And, or some reason, there are a pair of hands that require a sticker.

I’ll probably be taking those stickers off.

Only five days until the movie! I’m getting excited.

Allow me to get you excited. If you are not excited enough already.

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  1. Jason says:

    I wonder if the model has the same pose-ability problems of the actual screen used costumes? The 501st guys who have spec First Order Stormtrooper costumes are unable to lift their arms up to put on or take off their helmets because of the rubber gaskets in the elbows.

  2. Bocalt says:

    Gosh didn’t even know this was coming out since the imposed restrictions. Btw now we know where this weapon combo is from. Btw any Kylo Ren model kit announced?

  3. Jason says:

    No Kylo Ren announced as of yet as far as I know. Phasma has been announced. I don’t know how they could really do a good Kylo Ren because of the cloth. I wasn’t impressed with the looks of the Vader kit so I think Kylo would be a mess.

  4. Weatherby says:

    I like this kit a lot, have one sitting on my work desk. The only issue I have with it is that the kit has some balance issues, which stem from the feet kind of turning upwards at the toes, which provides less surface area for the kit to balance on. The OG trilogy Stormtroopers don’t have this problem, and neither does the Boba Fett and Vader I’ve built (especially not Vader, thanks to that cape.) You can still get him posed in some great positions but I found myself having to whip out the included stand to do it more often than not.

    • S2 says:

      I have the same issues but I also have an issue getting the foot to fit into the space for it on the stand. I’ve not been able to use the stand, unfortunately.

  5. Bocalt says:

    Just noticed that the baton wasn’t molded in white but in black and I’m like wth Bandai its in white already on the damn picture and there are already white runners. Some stupid way to get you to buy the figuarts exclusive?

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