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Personally I prefer the Banshee Norn to the Banshee. Dat backpack. With the MG Banshee I felt the Armed Armour gave it a clumsy look however tone changed towards all things Banshee upon the release of the 1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam 2 Banshee Norn. I just love the Perfect Grade Unicorn series of kits. (I must. I just ordered the most expensive of them all.) Compared to that monster the Armed Armour VN/BS Expansion Set for the Norn is quite cheap.

The box is a bit smaller than I expected but still has some important things in there. Like these!

Yup, those are waterslide markings for your PG Banshee. This is similar to what Bandai offered with their Full Armour Set for the Unicorn. Actually that’s the only thing I wanted from that set. (I’m kind of hinting that you won’t see the FA set on here because I used the markings and sold the rest.)

I won’t be using these waterslides at this time because I’ve already been through that process with the Unicorn. Once those markings were on I didn’t want to touch it again and ruin anything so I decided the Banshee would be the kit I would play with. But these markings sure are beautiful.

And the marking guide is humungous.

What will I do if I don’t use the waterslide decals. I’ll use the stickers!

I still have some left over from the Norn as well as the unused marking sheet from the Unicorn. I’m sure I can make do.

Here’s the runner breakdown for the set.

You get a new pilot figure. Standing only though. No seated pilot but I guess no one is going to completely disassemble their Norn just to swap out the pilot.

Plated parts?

The instructions indicate you need to take off your Norn backpack and return it to the standard Unicorn backpack


Then you get to start assembling something.

This can slide.

Add the long blue armour parts and once finished repeat the process a second time.

Then you’ll add some more armour to the bottom of each.

A small sub assembly is then put together.

The next step shows you how to attach it to Banshee’s arm but I’m going to leave it for now and move to the other side.

First assemble a couple of these.

Then the plated parts come into play.

Those two sections go together.

Add some larger armour parts and you’ve got one claw done.

There is still a ways to go yet. More armour parts are applied.

Now for another plated part which means another claw.

You can see there is a ball joint here.

The claw extends a bit revealing some of the orange frame in the gap.

The ball joint plugs into the other claw assembly.

Closed up it looks like this.

So now I have these.

Using the left over Norn markings and the orange markings from the Unicorn I was able to place stickers in all the areas marked on the marking guide. I think.

When putting these on you have to take off certain pieces of the Norn armour.

Then you’re all set.

Repeat the process for the other side and you’re done.

Hell yeah!

I really want to get this guy into the studio setup to get some proper shots but I wanted to do that even before this Expansion set arrived. Maybe one day. I’ll just have to clean the dust off before I do.

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  1. Vic says:

    Hey! Love your work. Are the waterslides really that bad? If you are against using them, I don’t know if this is the proper channel to ask, but would you be willing to part with them?

    • S2 says:

      Waterslides are great but there are so many of them and the transformation involves a lot of handling that I don’t trust myself not to damage the waterslides when I transform this guy between Unicorn and Destroy Mode. Also, I’ll send you an email soon.

  2. Frankon says:

    Just use the Norm backpack… Then you will have a Perfect Banshee (all 3 armor systems)

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