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I enjoyed looking at the frame for the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos despite it not being a Master Grade. The frame had a lot of detail even though it lacked movement or gimmicks of any kind. Of course, the way this build is designed you can leave it unarmoured and enjoy the frame as is, or you can slap on the armour and have yourself a 1/100 scale Barbatos.

This isn’t a review of the Barbatos in the style that I do my kit reviews for HG, MG, and RG but it is a breakdown of the kit and its good and bad points.

First I’ll start with the good. It looks great!

While I may not have been a fan of the head design before I am liking it more now that I’ve seen it in the larger scale.

The weapons that mount on it back stay there securely though it can get quite back heavy with the large gun back there.

The sword is rather simple…

But you get more than enough complexity with the gun.

The lower section, under the barrel, slides back and forth to give you the room you need to attach the hand.

And the adaptor you use to attach it to Barbatos’ back is also what is used to connect it to the rear armour part that swings down when attached to the extra arms Bandai provided.

Just like the HG kit you get two different lengths but the 1/100’s have joints where the HG’s did not.

But back to that weapon! Through a simple, yet fantastic design the barrel of this weapons can swing out, up, in, all over the place!

Actually that’s not quite correct but you can fold it up to store on Barbatos’ back or you can elongate it and then push the barrel into the main part of the gun giving you a nice strong weapon. You can also, if you were so inclined for some reason, line up the barrel to the side of the body of the weapon giving the barrel an offset look.

As much as I like the weapon what I like best about the Barbatos is the details of the frame that show once the armour is on.

If only these moved. The piston in the lower torso do move however which I’m grateful for.

The mechanisms in the shoulder, on the other hand, not only do not move but don’t extend enough to look like they would work at all.

I think Bandai’s focus on this NG was the frame and as such the armour needed to go on and also come off quite easily. That is indeed the case with the Barbatos so mission accomplished.

Except sometimes parts coming off easily can be frustrating it seems it is mostly limited to the armour on the side of the knee and the shoulders.

The feet are large enough to support it well, though I find the frame feels weak sometimes and the kit can sag easily if you’re not paying attention.

This is a minor gripe however. This kit is balanced well when the gun isn’t attached to the back.

Like the HG you will need to apply stickers.

The yellow one on the side of he shoulders is meant to cover a seam and can be difficult to line up.

An extra yellow piece to put on from below would have been much appreciated.

The nice gold stickers on the hip joints stay on very well and I have no gripes about them. Being able to still see them once the armour is applied is a nice bonus.

However, you can’t see the sticker at the bottom of the front of the leg.

The small red sticker for the bottom of the heel?


The backpack centre block does swing up just like the HG kit.

And I should point out that if you’re not careful when moving the arms the enter shoulder joint can come apart.

It is simple to put back together but can get frustrating if it keeps coming apart when you’re trying to do some of those sweet Barbatos poses we have seen.

I enjoyed looking at the frame for the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos despite it not being a Master Grade. The frame had a lot of detail even though it lacked movement or gimmicks of any kind. Of course, the way this build is designed you can leave it unarmoured and enjoy the frame as is, or you can slap on the armour and have yourself a 1/100 scale Barbatos.

For those who have most of their 1/100 experience coming in MGs the 1/100 Barbatos may seem a little lacklustre but when you see what you get for the price they are charging there is actually a lot of value here. Though it does cause me to ask, ‘So what makes RE/100 special, then?’


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  1. Mike quinn says:

    I’m afraid you’ve run into some copy/paste duplication. Interesting direction they’ve taken with the styling. Do you think a full MG treatment would have done the suit justice or is it unnecessary given the sparse nature of the armor over the frame?

  2. sablenk87 says:

    I still prefer 144 scale, it has the mace for God’s sake, not every series you see gundam with mace.
    It is definitely an NG, every series has their NG line except Reconguista, while RE is for mobile suit models that where either too big , too costly, or too obscure, to be released in MG form.
    In other words, there’s a possibility for models that come in NG to be made into MG while for RE it’s kind of impossible. Imho.

  3. einhazard says:

    Just finished building mine. I dig it, but I wish there was more articulation in the front of the foot, same as the HG. I’m looking forward to swapping armor on him with other 1/100NG IBO kits, tho! But hey, drop those shoulders down! Should loook like this:

  4. Bondz says:

    I’m confuse. Should i get the HG or 1/100 barbatos? Will bandai make gimmicks such as the mace, bazooka, that meteor unit thing like in the anime for the 1/100? Gee, i wonder…

    • Gunpla Newb says:

      Uhh, just an advice. The HG and 1/100 inherited the nearly same frame and shape. The HG only has more decals such as on the feet propulsor. The 1/100 has less decals and the decals were thicker and spent on the shoulders. If you want quality stuff with a higher price go get the 1/100. But if you want a quick, easy build, go get the HG.


  5. beepbeep says:

    Hey syd, still seeing those shoulder pads propped up on ur barbatos :p

  6. The Barbatos is pretty wicked. I’m liking the designs of the new series.

    Do you think that this model is going to look all right without any painting?

    • S2 says:

      Bandai designs the models so they will look good without any paint work and each year that goes by the kits look better and better OOB. I think it’s fine without any extra touches.

  7. Keanu says:

    Read your review for the 1/144 and 1/100 Barbatos, I’m having a hard time deciding on getting the HG or this bigger NG. I’ve built numerous HG and SD kits in the past (without proper part cleaning and cutting), and have just finished my “proper” kit which was an RG gundam.

    However, i plan to do some minor weathering on the Barbatos so simplicity of the kit is always considered. What do you recon i get for this project?

    • S2 says:

      If you’re not concerned about the price of the kit then probably the NG is a better option when it comes to the Barbatos itself. It’s like a blown-up HG but with more parts and will take to weathering well. It does lack the mace though which some people really love.

  8. rayventura says:

    Hi, can you guys help me?

    im thinking buying 1/100 barbatos and based on this review, i like it more than the first time i saw it, then i saw 1/100 seravee and i was surprised that seraphim was included in the kit. can you make a review of 1/100 seravee?

    • Gunpla Newb says:

      It’s actually based on what you like. If you like IBO more than 00 than go get Barbatos, vice versa.


  9. Gunpla Newb says:

    Agrew with you, since the one winning point of RE/100 is more colorful and high-quality parts. But with the 1/100 it’s really worth the price, worth the bonus, and I could say that this one is equal to a MG. Nice job ??


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