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The RG Wing Gundam EW follows two great RG releases from 2015, the Astray Red Frame and the 00 Raiser. Those are two tough acts to follow. While it might not be fair to compare it the kit with the highest score amongst all my reviews (the 00) I’ll review it here and we can find out just where it fits amongst the Real Grade line.

Overall Look: 10/10

Hey, it’s an RG. It’s supposed to look awesome. While it is true I have a hard time finding fault with appearance of almost all kits in the Real Grade line I’ll give credit where credit is due and say Bandai did an awesome job on this kit. I actually prefer the look of this kit to that of the Wing Gundam Zero RG. It just looks sleeker. The Zero looks like it is meant to ascend, hover, and descend but the EW looks like he’ll get from point A to point B in a heartbeat. That’s more my style. It does help that the Bird Mode looks great as well.

Colors: 9/10

Again top scores here. I love the use of the yellow on this kit particularly how it highlights the length of those wings. Bandai does have colour separation, something found in almost all Real Grades, here as well but it is more subtle seeming to show in the areas that are predominantly white.

Weapons: 10/10

It doesn’t have the cool, double rifles of the Zero but this Buster Rifle definitely can hold its own and more importantly is essential to the transformation into bird mode. The shield also features in the transformation but on its own looks great. I love this type of shield with its round surface rather than straight edges. It attaches to the Wing by wrapping around the forearm and connecting to the inside.

It’s actually very solid and you don’t need to worry about the shield once it’s on.

You’re also given two extra Energy Cartridge Pods that can mount on your Wing in both its forms.

You also get two beam sabres though you are only meant to use one as only one handle is provided and is stored in the centre of the shield.

Articulation: 8/10

Being a Real Grade kit we already know how the frame functions and the range of movement this kit should have. The Wing is fine in that way but where the RG frame isn’t used is where things can disappoint a little. I’m speaking mainly of the backpack and wings here. They don’t connect the way we’ve seen in previous RG kits like the Freedom but instead feature a rather simple construction. They have some movement upwards though don’t expect it to match the Zero.

And they can swivel and point more towards the rear but towards the rear he gets unstable.

You also have to be careful when posing the arms because the shoulders will come right off but those are something that will be discussed in the next section.

I’ll just add that the ankle design is great and creates lots of movement for the foot.

Build Design: 9/10

The big draw for the Wing Gundam EW RG is the transformation into Bird Mode and Bandai did what it need to do to accomplish that. The aspect that is most different than what we see in the MG version of the Wing EW, and most other kits that transform in this way for that matter, is found in the knees. Where most previous kits had you bend the knee forward unnaturally and then turn the whole lower body from the waist down 180 degrees, Bandai has designed this RG so that the knee pieces are shaped differently and the knees bend backwards instead of forwards. Remember, this RG frame doesn’t have just one frame part for the leg. Instead you get a thigh frame section and a lower leg frame section that are joined together by the new knee frame parts. You don’t need to spin anything to transform into Bird Mode.

Before I get into the little details of the design I’ll mention that this kit isn’t entirely new. Two runner, A and C, are brought over from the Wing Zero.

So there will be some extra parts left on your runner once assembly is complete and that is also why there is a second beam saber blade.

I’ve mentioned the shoulders before so let me elaborate. Part of the transformation process has you pull the shoulders out and then pivot them down covering the arm connection and making the Wing look more sleek. The design of the shoulders works quite well here.

He can look droopy if you’ve got the shoulders out but haven’t yet completed the Bird Mode transformation.

Unfortunately, this design also leads the shoulders to pop off. All the time!

During the transformation to Bird Mode, the backpack moves from the centre of the back down over the back skirt thanks to a neat swing arm.

The space that houses the swing arm when it is up on the back is also the space that goes around the rear skirt centre block. It works really well.

But… It’s also moulded in the lighter flexible plastic which means the connection never really feels totally secure and it too will come off regularly.

Once you’ve bent the knees, lowered the backpack, and turned the shoulders down all you really need to do to complete the transformation is add the shield/rifle combo. First you’ll need to remove the attachment that connects it to the Wing’s arm.

Then connect the shield to the rifle by lining up the grooves.

Spread open the blue cover a bit to give yourself some space and connect the shield to the back in the space vacated by the backpack.

The blue cover will sit flush against the torso of the Wing though from most viewing angles you won’t see that neat aspect.

Remember you can attach the Energy Canisters by connecting them to the sides of the arms. Though the connection looks rather tenuous it’s actually pretty firm.

It’s not as mind-blowing as the RG Zeta Transformation was but it’s impressive in its own way.

I’ll also mention the gimmicks in the shoulders which open to reveal the guns underneath, though I doubt I’ll really play with this much.

Fun Factor: 9/10

Being so similar to the Wing Zero I can’t say this kit absorbed me as much as that one did still it’s unique enough with wings all its own and a transformation mode that I was enjoying myself the entire time I was putting it together and afterwards. Real Grade kits are always fun even if there are moments of frustration.

Extras: 7/10

You’ve got a pilot figure and the extra hands. There is even two different stand adaptors, one for Robot mode and one for Bird Mode.

And of course the plentiful markings.

Extra parts from the Zero if you wish to swap though that wasn’t Bandai’s intention.

I always anticipate the newest Real Grade kit but was a little less enthusiastic than normal with this version of a Wing suit but I’m happy to say that it is just as enjoyable as other Real Grade kits. Sure it doesn’t reach the loftiest heights (despite Bird Mode) that the 00 Raiser achieved but it clearly has its place in the Real Grade lineup.

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  1. Michael says:

    Is there a photo missing after “Extra parts from the Zero if you wish to swap though that wasn’t Bandai’s intention.”?

  2. Hagi says:

    it’s just my opinion…but i think the wing itself doesn’t look so good(compared to Freedom)…and the rifle..don’t you think that the rifle seems too long for size of RG..???
    sorry for my bad english 🙂

  3. Ragnaroc05 says:

    How does it hold the buster rifle? The biggest issue I had with the Ver Ka edition was that it couldn’t hold its rifle. I’m going to get it regardless because Wing Gundam was my second favorite and the show was my first Gundam Series.

  4. Nik Xau says:

    i got mine.
    the frame is sturdy, it doesnt sag
    the color yellows are so plastic

  5. Runsamok says:

    Technically runner B is also from the Wing Zero, as both kits use the Advanced MS Joint 9 B runners.

  6. Wing fan says:

    Got the kit, love the colors. Sucks that it doesn’t look like the Drei Zwerg can be attached. Do you per chance know what part G35 goes?

  7. WingFan says:

    I like the review but must say that you were you really expecting more from each new rg when essential the same mold of Wing Zero with with swapped colors and parts? Also you forgot to mention that a part on the G tree,specifically number 35, can hold the Drei Zwerg from Gundam Ace 2015. To clip it on you have too attach one Messer Zwerg onto the middle of the ring and attach it to where you would connect the shield in Bird Mode. In the Glory of the Losers manga it had a different way to add it but it’s still nice of Bandai to pay homage to it.

  8. J wing says:

    How dare theres a lot of reasons why ew is better than zero,ew’s color is better than zero articulation is also the same as zero,also fun factor of ew should be high cause im having fun with this guy when playin and when picturing plus its color is more diverse than zero it’s more colorful

  9. Jean Victor says:

    How’d you guys fix those loose shoulder armour?

  10. Ben says:

    I’m in the process of assembling mine right now. It went great right until I got to the shoulders. The left shoulder was as fine as it can get, I guess (attachment rather flimsy) but the right shoulder literally came apart every time I tried to attach it, mostly between the yellow and blue “layers”. I tried disassembling, checking the parts and comparing it to the much sturdier left shoulder but I couldn’t find any fault with it. In the end I had to use a drop of glue to make it hold together.

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