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I first saw the 1/100 Gusion as a prototype at the Gunpla Expo last November and was shocked at the size of it. It was a huge round pile of uncoloured plastic. Just the size of it was impressive so I didn’t really blink when the official information was released and the price was listed at 5,000 yen. Imagine my surprise when it was revealed/discovered that the 1/100 Gusion kit wasn’t just the Gusion but also the Rebake version as well. That’s right, two Mobile Suits in one box! Just check out the box size for the 1/100 Gundam Gusion / Gundam Gusion Rebake!

There it is next to the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos. There is a lot more plastic here. But I’m not just showing the boxes together to give you a size comparison. I also pulled out the 1/100 Barbatos because it looks like I might be able to use it with this new kit. I realised this after I saw that the Gusion/Rebake uses a frame very much like that of the Barbatos.

Here are the frame parts:

And here are the Gusion parts:

Rebake’s runners:

I’m guessing these parts are mostly for the Rebake form as well.

Weapon runners:

Poly-caps and stickers:

The poly-cap runner here is the same as the Barbatos’ but does have an additional two poly-caps stuck onto one side.

But things aren’t exactly the same between the two frames but they are close. You can check out my build of the Barbatos here.

He was also interested to see what this new IBO 1/100 kit was all about.

This section is done differently on the Gusion.

The Barbatos’ looked like this:

Still have to use a sticker on the chest, though.

Head frame:

Those small orange slashes you see are stickers.

I don’t notice any differences in the arm frames and the upper half does look almost exactly the same.

You still get to put stickers on the portion of the skirt frame that will never be seen. Yay!

The leg assembly is different from the Barbatos, however and it’s a major change.

Here is the Barbatos’ leg frame assembly.

You assembly the upper leg frame and it has a loop that fits into the lower leg frame when you sandwich them together.

The lower leg frame of the Gusion/Rebake, however, uses a piece that looks like a poly-cap but isn’t.

You then drop the upper leg frame onto that new piece. The result is a much stiffer joint. Likely, this had to be done to support the much heavier Gusion armour.

So here’s the frame.

From there the manual has you put on the Rebake armour parts but if you want to build the Gusion…

Go to page 16.

Hmm. Which one should I try first?

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  1. Frankon says:

    Stupid question…. Strip the Barbatos and do both at the same time ^^

    • Innovator says:

      Actually, the slot of barbatos and gusion are a little bit different. Unless you modify the barbatos’s frame , the armor won’t fit .

    • Bryanmerel says:

      I realy do hope so that you can just plug in barbatos’s frame atleast on the Gusion. I don’t want to buy two 5000 yen just to have them both displayed. X/

  2. Bryanmerel says:

    Mr. Syd, do you think that it can be posible to use the barbatos inner frame instead? Seeing that some parts are different, i am now concerned about their frame compatibility… O.o

    • Marco says:

      I want to know that too…i just order the gusion and barbatos form 1 just to use the frame…(i dont have any IBO 1/100 jet so i dont lose anyting if it dosent work)

    • Marco says:

      Many people alredy confirm that you cant use barbatos frame with gusion rebake armor 🙁 many parts wont fit unless you mod then

  3. Dash says:

    i was expecting that the kit would contain two frames..i prefer displaying both gusion and rebake together..i guess im buying the graze custom instead..

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