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It’s been two months since the release of The Force Awakens, and I’m still enamoured by it. I’ve seen it 4 times already. Incidentally, it has also been two months since the release of the kit and I’m just now putting up a post about it. The R2 half of this kit is the same as the one released earlier but my new best friend, BB-8 is all new and what made me want this kit.

Here are his runners.

He’s so cute.

Here are Artoo’s.

In Bandai’s promotional material there was something about Artoo being done in a different finish. It kind of looks that way with the blue runners.

You get stickers and decals for both droids on one sheet.

Assembly starts with that small head.

Everything slots in perfectly thanks to the unique moulding and precise fit.

This is basically it for the head minus the dark clear part for the eye.

It is quite quick and simple but things change when you start on the body.

These two grey parts will serve as the base onto which to mount all those rounded parts.

BB-8 is a complete sphere so you have to assemble some smaller sections first.

No two sections are alike and the connection on the underside of each section is uniquely shaped so it can only go onto the grey parts in one specific spot.

The manual is quite clear about that.

With all those sections on you have this.

I’m going to take a moment and tell you about something that occupied a lot of time in my childhood. The Rubik’s cube.

I spent enormous amounts of time on this thing starting from when I was about 12 years old. I love puzzles and I loved this challenge. I became able to solve it myself using patterns I discovered on my own. This was before the days of the internet where these kinds of things are easily accessible. I also became able to take the entire thing apart and put it back together. I did this when I was at a loss as to how to do it correctly and a twelve year old’s patience isn’t the longest around.

When you take all the parts off the cube you are left with only the centre square on all six sides. The center squares don’t come off, only the corners and sides. A naked Rubik’s cube looks like BB-8 prior to putting on the white parts.

The trick to getting the cube back together is to first put in the sides so the colours match with the centre squares it will be touching. Once all sides are put into place you can begin popping in the corners. The last corner takes some effort to pop in but once you force it in there your Rubik’s cube is back to its new state. Don’t change the stickers though. You’ll screw it up beyond recovery. My friend made that mistake.

The white parts also have a unique connection mmolded into the underside so it can only go on one way.

Keep plugging those parts on.

The final step gives you a choice. You can attach him to a stand so that his head is supported and his body can turn like in the movie.

Or you can swap out a white part for a different one which allows you to connect his head to his body and then put I’m on a stand.

This way his body won’t rotate. I don’t want that.

I’m going with the head support method.

Once completed you’ll have some markings to put on but they are almost unnecessary and if you do get the small black ones that go around the antenna in their proper positions they will just start to unravel shortly after so I wouldn’t worry to much about those.

He’s my new best friend.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t shown any of the R2-D2 part of this kit it’s because I gave it away to a good friend and fellow Star Wars nut. My blue protocol astromech droid is working just fine right now so I don’t need another.

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  1. Duncan Gosling says:

    R2 is an astromech droid not a protocol droid ? Unless you painted your c3-po blue ?
    Great kits though , I love mine and can’t wait to get a bb8 as well . It’s just teasing to put a link to the hlj page with the kit as us UK modellers aren’t allowed to view it ? Hopefully will get hold of it through another supplier soon though .

    • S2 says:

      doh! Just a typo. Of course. just a slip of the fingers.

      I’m don’t mean to tease people who unfortunately don’t have access to these kits like I do. I have actually held off writing about them given the sensitive situation but many people have also asked me to show the kits so they can see them.

  2. Quanza says:

    got this from a local store. I dont know why but bandai star wars kit cost so much more than other bandai release here.
    this set for example cost the same as MG GN-X, and many other sell almost as much as MG RX78 3.0

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