Gaijin Gunpla

With the choice of building this kit as either a Rebake or a straight Gusion I decided I would start with the Gusion. The Rebake looks sweet too and I’ll build it right after I’m done the Gusion but the Rebake does look like it will be a lot like the Barbatos and I wanted something different to start off. Page 16 is where the Gusion portion of this kit starts and the first thing it tells you to do is disassemble that frame you just put together.

Here is something many people are going to be interested in.

If the Gusion parts just sandwich over the frame then can the 1/100 Barbatos frame be used in this build?

Here is the Gusion/Rebake frame.

And here is the Barbatos frame giving it a try.

There is a little purple section that gets in the way of the top of the Barbatos centre frame. It prevents the frame from fitting in there perfectly. Unless you modify something in there I’m afraid the Barbatos frame cannot be used here.

Front skirts with sticker already added.

The fork logo gets me every time.

Dat ass.

The arm section starts by building these huge things (though, admittedly, everything on the Gusion is huge).

They then plug into the arm sockets on the frame.

Here is the chest.

One piece of the darker green goes on here to finish it off.

The back.

This is a joint.

It is actually the neck joint.

It plugs into the back armour piece and will drop down over top of the normal frame neck joint.

There are two spikes on the inside of the back armour part.

These plug into the two holes on the back of the regular frame.

Now put the front part on. I had disconnected the torso from the skirt to make the handling easier but I can put them back together now.


Drop the neck down and slide an armour part on the back.

Plug this contraption into the back as well

Frog face!

Add the eye stickers at this stage.

Top armour goes on first including the little wings atop his head.

A purple piece for the bottom is added to complete the head assembly.

These are the pieces for a leg.

Next, a foot!

Then this thing!

(I believe it’s a side skirt.)

Plug the foot onto the bottom of the leg and add the front armour cover.

Here is another area where the Barbatos frame won’t work. In order to make the Gusion you have to separate the leg frame at the knee. The Barbatos frame isn’t designed to do this.

Then you just slap two armour pieces on the upper leg frame.

Then these!

These are actually the wrists.

Prepare the arm armour.

Like the upper leg, the upper arm armour is just two parts.

And like the back armour part, there is a small spike or plastic tab jutting out from the underside of the armour. This will fit into the hollow on the back of the lower arm frame.

Connect the wrist and then drop it into the that armour part. Then you cover it with the front armour you made a couple of steps previous.

The arms then plug into the hollow in the large shoulder assembly.

Looks cool like this! If you modify those purple sections to look like launchers of some sort…


That’s for sometime in the future. For now, add the shoulder armour parts.

The Gusion and his unneeded frame sections.

He’s got a rifle.

But no one pays attention to that. They want to see this!

Ooh, ya!

Bring the boom!

I dare you to try and take me back apart!

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  1. Frankon says:

    So no Gusion with Barbatos frame… But what about Rebake?

  2. Khchong87 says:

    I’m hoping that I can have those 2 standing side by side without buying 2 boxes and only uses half of each box. Let’s pray that they release a ‘universal frame’ that is supposed to be compatible with all the 1/100 gundam frames

  3. RandomGuy says:

    i think found someone in facebook who modify the barbatos frame to fit into the gusion

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