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I am really enjoying the new kits from Gundam The Origin that Bandai have been releasing over the past year. I’d probably like them more in a bigger scale but maybe that’s something for the future. For now I’m going to take the 1/144 HG YMS-08B Dom Test Type for a test build.

Before I show any plastic I’ll just say here that Origin box art is awesome.

This kit despite being an HG comes with an MG amount of marking stickers.

I predict that taking some time.

The box size is normal for an HG Origin kit though it does feel there are more runners inside.

The largest runner is the frame runner.

It has a smaller second frame runner. Interestingly, both are marked as ORIGIN MSD MS 1.


Then there are plenty of much smaller runners.

The Beam Bazooka runner, however, is pretty large.

Start by assembling the torso.

This is exactly how the Origin Char’s Zaku II starts.

No poly-cap for the neck but instead two small parts that create a joint.

Next I have some choices to make.

I can either take that clear part and add stickers or take a solid black plastic piece.

This is for the chest and the clear part is if you want to make the 地上戦用 (Ground-fighting unit)

While the other is for the 宇宙仕様 (Space type)

I went with the stickers because, well, just because.

Prepare the piping!

And I’m already adding stickers.

Stick that backpack on and wrap the pipes around to the front securing them in lace with a part that will cover the clear part leaving only the stickers showing.

If you’ve gone with the Space type then you’ll have a different plastic part to use to secure the pipes at the front.

Shoulder joints.

Here is the start of the head.

The bottom frame part has a round shape in the middle of it. This is where you place the eye piece.

This means that no only can it move left and right like previous Zaku and other mono-eye kits but it can also move up and down.

More head parts.

You’ll have the piping like this until you secure it place with a small part at the back.

Now for the hips and they are quite large.

The front skirts are separate pieces rather than one piece like other HG kits.

And the side skirts snap up into the other skirt pieces instead of using a poly-cap.

Arm frame parts. These look familiar.

Shoulder parts.

The arm armour consists of more parts than I would have expected.

Each arm gets two hands.

Those huge feet!

Even the leg frame pieces are quite large.

Hip joint.

I’ve gone ahead and used a panel line marker for these whitish armour parts.

The frame then drops into the huge bell-bottom armour parts.

The knee has a surprisingly good amount of bend to it.

Add the foot front armour parts.

The pieces on the side of the knee are all the same and go on a specific way. It’s quite easy.

Pieces of DOM.

That is looking excellent.

Here is Darth Vader’s light sabre.

I mean, here is a beam sabre that is made of non-transparent red plastic unlike I think every beam sabre I’ve seen before now.

And that monstrous Beam Bazooka.

Here is the scope assembly for it.

Great kit! I’ve still got the markings to put on so I’ll have to make sure to show this guy again!

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  1. Frankon says:

    Thats one wacky Dom… But Bandai should really get someone to check the names of the MS they create all the time…. YMS-09 Proto type Dom and this one is YMS-08B test Type. So a test type before the proto type?

  2. Wolfbane says:

    I think when you’re talking about the saber it’s really a heat saber. It’s interesting that they give you parts to have an activated heat saber. Wasn’t till the Act Zaku they could support beam weapons in-universe.

    • Frankon says:

      Technically Dom could support the beam weapons…. Its just that they decided to use a cheap focusing coil for its chest scattering gun so the beam loses all its power after couple of centimeters due to scatter. But yeah Act Zaku was first fully design to use beam weapons as a main armament… Its just they couldnt manufacture enough so they used standard Zaku II weapons….

  3. FrankFox says:

    The weapon of the Dom is called “Heat Saber Type2”, but it is not a weapon beam like the one federal, rather it is a long stretch of white-hot metal rod … (also cheaper to produce, I think)

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