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I’m a little tardy. I built the fun HG Gundam Gusion kit when it came out and also edited the images for a post but other things came up, and other kits released and I never got down to writing the text for it. Well, considering that the 1/100 Gundam Gusion / Gundam Gusion Rebake just released and I want to start on that this weekend, I better write about the HG Gusion now or lose my chance forever.

Here is the runner breakdown for this kit.

Check out the size of those green pieces!

We can’t expect this kit’s assembly to be similar to that of the Barbatos or the Graze and at the time this released we were completely unaware of the Rebake so in a way even for an IBO kit this guy is kind of unique.

You start off by building a rather large centre.

And from there those large green parts come into play. There are some smaller parts you need to fit inside first.

That’s his back.

This is for the front.

You have to drop the neck joint PC part in there.

It sits quite far forward.

On the back you will cover up one opening with small piece.

Now comes the head.

Quite simple but it really appeals to me.

At first I thought he looked like a frog but with the head on the body I think he resembles a snapping turtle.

Here are the shoulders.

And then the arms.

Some stickers need to be applied to the shoulders.

Feet assembly is really simple.

Like many of his other IBO HG brethren he has leg frame parts!

Though you will be also be using the old poly-cap for joint HG method in some areas.

The leg frame is dropped in and then armoured up.

Skirt assembly uses these purple frame parts.

And that large green ass piece.

It has a small flap you place in there.

Here is the front skirt.

The connection between the two skirt flaps is quite thick. Much different than the thinner version we are used to seeing and often cut to have independently moving skirts.

Side skirts.

You have a sticker to put on the skirt as well. How appropriate for this pudgy guy that it looks like a fork.

Here he is.

So round.

But we are not finished. Like the Barbatos had that awesome huge mace, the Gusion has his own, huge, Gusion Hammer.

It is quite heavy and he can’t really hold it up unless you get the end of the handle kind of underneath his side skirt. By positioning the kit just right you won’t notice he needs help with his hammer.

And he has a rifle.

But who needs a rifle when you have that hammer.

Now, bring on the 1/100!

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  1. Phillax says:

    I’ve always liked chubby kit design, like the Grimoire.

  2. Aceuser says:

    Syd, is the leg-to-waist connection strong enough? It uses the plastic-plastic interaction instead of plastic-polycap, so I wonder if the legs are easy to pop off or sturdy enough.

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