Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got the torso done, at least I think that’s what it is. Kotobukiya’s manual does state what you are working on at the time but it’s definitely not highlighted like we are used to seeing in a Gundam manual. I have done the torso but I need the backpack.

It starts like this.

That doesn’t look like a head.

You’ve got another large part to add. Note how the poly-cap sits inside.

With the two large sides together you need to cover up openings with a top and back.

Finish up that big block by adding some rather small pieces.

Then two of these.

And, um, two of these.

I imagine these are fuel canisters but I like to think of them as legs.

I could just add the head to this and have my own little D-Style REX.

Alas, it has to connect to the torso.

There are quite a few things protruding here.

Okay, start a new assemble, this time with frame parts.

These slot into a very large armour piece.

I follow that up with these two assemblies.

These also drop into the large armour piece.

Set that aside for a moment and lay one armour piece into a white part.

It sits in there like so.

Which means it will continue to pop out as you continue assembling.

Add small parts to it.

Then you have to use these.

Check this small piece out.

It’s actually two pieces.

These sit in the swing arm you are assembling.

Before continuing with that you have to seat your pilot.

His name appears to be Eli.

I’ve got another joint to assemble.

Let’s secure Eli inside the cockpit.

Eli just sits on the seat so he can fall out quite easily.

Now I’m join the swing arm, which I’m assuming becomes the neck, with most of the cockpit but…

That clear part you see is meant to be glued in. I didn’t feel like digging out my glue so instead I taped it in there.

The Jaws of REX.

Add armour and trim.

Pieces for the side include small white parts.

Let’s finish this baby up!


Hear me roar!

Oh, Hi Eli.

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  1. Vae says:

    What a majestic head ! I certainly wanted the whole model to be a bit bigger, though. Especially considering the price :/

  2. Syful says:

    all of that? Just for the head??

    Oh wait… this is kotobukiya we’re talking about…

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