Gaijin Gunpla

With the torso, head, and backpack out of the way I guess what is left are the hips and then the appendages and that’s exactly where Kotobukiya directs my attention in the next stage of the manual.

It all starts off, so innocently, with these three pieces.

In certain places at the start of the arm or leg assembly you’re asked to build the same thing twice. This is one of those times.

This you will lay into a larger armour piece as well as add a smaller armour piece to the top.

Then another instance of assembly two of something.

And here too.

These two newer assemblies then join with the other already placed on the armour part.

Prepare the armour for the opposite side to close it all up.

Now you’ll need this.

This makes up the main port of the forearm which you then join together with the upper arm using two large framer parts.

Looks like an arm to me!

Repeat the process for the other.

The hand assembly actually requires cement so I left that for the time being as I’m not going to use cement at the table we eat off of. (I would totally due it but I fear the wrath…)

So next is the hips/skirt area. This requires quite a few larger parts to get things going. Ha.. hips.. large parts to get going… That wasn’t even intentional.

With the larger parts together the trim is added.

Then I need this.

Actually, I need two of them.

And two of these as well.

That leaves with all of these. Throw in a couple ball poly-caps as well.

I was worried these would be hard to place but they popped in perfectly.

Add these.

I’ve got more building to do, though, despite it looking like my skirt might be finished.

I need these kinds of things.

The next step.. Ahh, this next step. I remember this.

You are meant to lay a poly-cap ball in these small parts.

And you are supposed to use glue to cement the white parts together. This leads me to think that if you’re not careful you will cement that poly-cap in one spot in there as well. Is that Kotobukiya’s intention? As I wasn’t using cement at the time the question was moot so I decided to go without to see what would happen.

In order to get these thing together I had to ensure the poly-cap wouldn’t slip around when I tried to close it up.

This then is placed inside an armour assembly.

Now for this thing.

And this.

About this time I was starting to get confused as to what was what.

Then this.

Okay, so I’ve got all these… things.

I join them together and then combine them with what I’ve already assembled so far.

My goodness. Is that a giant Robo Crotch?

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  1. Innovator says:

    Hey Gaijin , do you mind if I make your website’s logo as a base for my gunpla club’s logo ?

  2. DRX says:

    Yeah! That’s a conspicuously placed flamethrower. It’s a little homage to REX’s laser. Curiously tho, when Sahel converts to REX mode, the flamethrower points to the back, like a tail.

    So, model cement huh? Not a fan of that! Looking more like its better go paint before building?

    • Chris says:

      Planning is needed. There should be lot of dry fitting. Once you are sure, some parts needs to be painted and some dont while cementing. Cement should be done prior to painting (on joined parts).

      Gunpla just really spoiled us

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