Gaijin Gunpla

Having finished the arms and something that would work well in some crazy Japanese mecha porn film, it’s time to move on to what is usually the most time intensive part of any build, the legs.

It starts with the feet though the manual has you building only one at this time.

Looks somewhat stable although perhaps too small.

This next part can be tough.

Up until this point I was actually quite impressed with the fit on this Kotobukiya kit and even this first leg had no problems but when I was assembling the opposite leg at this stage the fit just wouldn’t hold together. These two grey parts you see would continually come apart and that can be a serious problem because this assemble is almost all but covered up once the leg is fully completed.

Here are the first armour pieces you add to it.

The manual shows you to cement these parts in place. You will need to do that or else they will come off.

Here is the foot.

Now for the legs. Start with these.

The white parts just lay inside and don’t click into place like they would on a Bandai model so you’ll need to be careful when closing up the armour parts.

Add some more armour parts.

These will slide up and down.

Enclose this little assembly with the larger white parts.

You can see the small circular part at the bottom is mean to move. Could it be the ankle? (It’s not.)

Add some trim.

Construct another joint.

Place that new joint into the long frame parts and add the other frame parts at the same time.

Insert some white parts and get ready to close it up with the matching opposite side.

This is where you attach the foot you assembled moments before.

Add one part to cover up the front.

But we are not finished yet.

These parts will be used to get the thigh and lower leg together.

You will slide it into the lower leg from the front and then drop the upper leg down on top.

Looking good and quite stable so far but the armour still needs to go on the upper leg.

The armour for each side is actually constructed from two parts and the frame section holds them together.

There are a lot of things to line up.

Once that’s done you have these things to deal with.

These plug into the sides of the leg but easily can come out if you want them to (which means they can also easily come out when you don’t want them to.)

Take that large armour section you assembled and attach it to the moving frame section in the upper leg.

Build the sec on leg and then you can attach it to the waist.

Looks rather strange but I still like it.

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  1. Frankon says:

    I still dont get how on earth did some guy at Kotobukya thought that putting legs backward would look good…..

    • Straga says:

      Well ingame the its a transformable mech so the legs are only look backwards because its in a standing pose, when its in “tank” mode it looks more normal.

      If anyone is to blame, blame the mech designer

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