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This may come as a surprise to absolutely no one but.. I’m a gamer. And as a game I’m more than familiar with Metal Gear Solid having played the original Metal Gear on the NES and Metal Gear Solid on the earlier Playstations. My gaming time is very limited these days so when I get a chance I’m usually on my PC playing an FPS or Final Fantasy XIV with ASM and so I haven’t yet tried MGS V: Phantom Pain, but after looking at the new Sahelanthropus kit from Kotobukiya, I really want to!

Having not played the game (yet!) I’m unsure as to the role this Mech plays but if it’s similar to what we see in previous versions of MGS then I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Until the day I can play the game I’ll have to admire this monster kit.

That’s a lot of plastic. I won’t show every runner, but I will show highlights.

Here are the figures that come with the kit. I think Snake is on the right.

For markings you only get this one small sheet which looks like they will make up a face once applied. That stage won’t be coming for a while yet.

This kit transforms between two modes, one of which you see on the box and and the other, the more familiar REX mode.

This kit is big enough to warrant its own base.

And it looks like these clear parts will help mount the kit on there.

This stood out amongst the piles of runner bags.

The first thing you assemble of the Sahelanthropus is the torso.

I actually made a mistake right away. The poly-cap is meant to go into a groove near the top of that large, white plastic piece but I stuck it on the peg at the bottom. It fit perfectly! Luckily I noticed my error. The next section slides onto the end of the large, white piece and isn’t held in place at this time.

It’s not until you start placing pieces on from the side that it starts to hold together.

The fit is.. well, the fit is Kotobukiya. If you’re used to the perfect fits of Bandai kits you may find a Kotobukiya kit to feel much looser however I definitely feel the quality of the fits on this kit are better than what I’ve experienced from some of the Zoids kits from even a few years ago.

You’ve got quite a few slats and slots to join together so don’t push too hard until you’re sure you’ve got things lined up properly.

Even these small assemblies are the same.

These look like they will be part of the shoulder joints. You continue with these adding some moving parts.

That peg will plug in holding things together.

Then you add a poly-cap ball.

Then you place these on either side of the torso. There is a a lot of pegs to line up and it can be tricky given some of the fits you are working with.

Add a few parts to the front.

These sections make up the lower torso. I think…

Some more armour covers the sides.

Observe how the.. no not the nub! Don’t worry about that… Observe how the fit is here. The armour folds over one section but doesn’t meet it. That’s not something you’ll see often with Bandai.


Now for this contraption.

It extends.

You add more pieces to the ends.

Then mount it to the back and put the final armour on there.

Still not done, though.

And another section!

These look like beam sabre handles.

But they are not.

I don’t know what they are.

These looks like shoulders.

And I think they are shoulders. There is a hinge in there so there is something opening there.

Now you should have all these sections.

If you’ve done it right you then should end up with this.

And it should also be your bedtime.


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  1. Vae says:

    Man, I’m SO glad to see you reviewing this kit. I’ve got my eyes on this ever since it was announced. I’m afraid it’s a bit on the small side, though.

    When all is said and done, could you give us a sense of scale against HGs and / or MGs please ?

    Thanks !

  2. DRX says:

    Excited to see this build! Love this mech. Got the kit waiting at HLJ’s private warehouse, but its gonna be a long while before I get it. Was planning on getting an airbrush and practicing on a few other kits before doing Sahelanthropus.

    Would you recommend trying to do the camo paint job on assembled pieces, given the weird overlaps? Would I be better off painting unassembled parts?

    Also, since you haven’t played MGSV yet, guessing you’ve not heard this thing’s roar! It’s pretty darn intimidating. D:

  3. Kushal says:

    The pictures won’t load for me D:

  4. Peter says:

    I don’t know if it’s a problem to anyone else, but for me all of the pictures in reviews seem invalid in a form of an broken image icons…

    You might want to take a look at it – I’ve tested from multiple access points and it still ends up the same, at least in my city.

  5. S2 says:

    Yes, the pics went down for a bit when I tried activating something called Photon to handle image loading. I deactivated it so the images should show now. Thanks for your patience!

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