Gaijin Gunpla

If I’ve done this correctly…

I should have these sections.

So really all I need to do is combine them.

One sentence and one picture. Makes you think it was easy, doesn’t it? That’s not the case at all, in fact.

Trying to get the upper body and lower body together involves joining them via the peg that juts up on the lower body to the poly-cap that is housed at the bottom of the lower body.

The issue is, due to the shape and assembly of both the upper and lower bodies, I don’t know where to hold it so I can apply the pressure needed to connect them. If I’m not careful in my hand placement on the lower body the cannon underneath the skirt comes off as well as all those canisters on the outside of each leg (they come of no matter what). And where do I put my other hand, the one gripping the torso? If I have the incorrect position I can pop the shoulders off, not a terrible thing as they are easy to put back on, or I can pop off the shoulder joint housing (much more difficult to get back into place).

The entire time I was trying to get these two sections together I was hearing the ‘Kotobukiya Sound’. If you’ve never assembled a Koto kit before you may not be aware that it makes a distinct type of noise. Due to the fit being somewhat loose there is always plastic flexing or rubbing against other plastic and a distinct sound is produced. I heard that quite frequently in the latter half of this build. Bandai kits don’t make this kind of noise because their fits are just so much more precise. It’s easy to say that Bandai spoils us, but at the same time you would think other model manufacturers would seek to reach that level as well.

Thankfully, the arms go on quite easily.

The head connection is somewhat similar to the upper/lower body connection but it is much easier to hold on to, though the connection is deep inside the torso and tough to see when you bring the sections close together.

The next step in the manual is build the weapons but I’m going to go right to the last step and assemble the stand. This long, lanky guy needs support.

Assemble the clear support arm.

Mount it to the stand with this piece.

(You want me to sit on that thing?)

There is one small white part underneath the back skirt armour that you pop off in order to plug in the support arm.

I noticed the manual has that arm directly underneath the kit whereas I have mine further back.

First accessory… this thing!

It is housed in some frame parts and can slide forward and back slightly.

This mounts on the back of the forearm.

Next is the shield.

This mounts the same way.

Except it doesn’t because it’s too heavy so it kind of hangs there until you move the kit or it gets bored and decides to shake things up a bit by falling off.

Following that is a type of joint.

Then these armour parts.

And then some super long parts.

Finally! The Rail Gun!

It will be housed in these large armour parts.

The final parts to go on are the armour that cover the end of the rail gun.

Looks intimidating.

I would show you what it looks like extended but it will fall apart if I try to do so.

And a ball!

Put all that on and their you go.

It looks amazing and intimidating. I’ve still got the hands and spike toes to cement into place, and there are those decals for the face, but so far it definitely looks like it belongs in the world of Metal Gear Solid.

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  1. Vae says:

    Hello again ! Would you mind posting a pic of Sahelanthropus alongside an MG and / or an HG please ? I’m afraid this kit is a bit small for my tastes, and it’s hard to get a sense of scale. Thanks 🙂

  2. DRX says:

    Lotta stability comments on this post! You seem much more down on Sahelanthropus than previously. Guess this one wouldn’t pass a shake test, huh? ;P

    It’s a bit of a bummer, given how much of a solid brick the Koto REX kit is, that this one seems fragile, but I guess it’s not unexpected. This one is a lot more ‘spread out’ and has more points of failure than REX with it’s simple geometry does.

    Any plans for a final post, all painted and decal’d up? 😀

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