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Having already assembled the Barbatos and Gusion/Rebake in Bandai’s new 1/100 line I feel I have a good idea what to expect with the 1/100 Kimaris (with Booster!) The question is, will it be more similar to the Barbatos or the Gusion?

Well, I see the frame is designated as IBO Gundam Frame 1. This is the frame used in the Barbatos and not the sturdier one found in the Gusion/Rebake. Will it be strong enough to hold the Kimaris rather large armour parts? Time will tell.

Considering that we are using the same frame runner it’s not surprise that construction starts off the same way.

This new frame runner is moulded in purple for the Kimaris but someone forgot to tell the guy in charge of poly-caps for this kit. The poly-cap that goes on the back of the neck is the normal gray colour.

This is a new runner, though.

There are, in fact, two of these.

Just for the Kimaris.

Having said that, the only piece I need from the new Kimaris runner right now is the small lever type piece at the top.

Where the Barbatos has gold stickers the Kimaris has silver.

Here are the head frame parts. Very distinctive.

Most of the purple armour pieces come on the F runners but you only need one small piece, the mouthguard, for now.

Not long afterwards…

The arms!

These IBO frames are even goofier looking than normal Gundam frames.

When you assemble the skirt both the front and rear parts (shown here in the middle) are new.

Guess I won’t be needing these, then.

Except for the little heel pieces the frame parts are from the IBO Frame 1 runner.

And even though you get monstrous feet parts ala the Barbatos, you use these new parts from the B runners instead.

More silver stickers.

Nice articulation in the legs though much of that may go away once the armour is on. I find with those stubby toes these legs would tip forward when bent fully.

Here’s my naked Kimaris.

Let’s see if that work, naked, gets me some more hits…

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  1. Frankon says:

    Kind of wish for a 1/100 Trooper variant…

    Any ide what other 1/100 will there be apart from the Grimedre? My bet is on Graze Ein.

    • Bryanmerel says:

      Knowing how tall the Graze Ein is,that would be tha size of a 1/60! O.o it mightbe an RE instead of a regular NG.

    • Sol says:

      Actually the Graze Kai was confirmed to be the next 1/100 after the grimgerde with the bazooka and all

  2. Bryanmerel says:

    Speaking of graze, i am curently enjoying my 1/100 Schwalbe Graze. I remembered that you built that guy. Sid, would you review that one in the near future too?

  3. Michael Bracken says:

    If my gundam are going to be naked, i prefer they have hi heels…
    McGillis!… McGillis!

  4. Throatwobbler Mangrove says:

    man this thing looks great..whats the whitish color come off as in person? computer is making it sorta a creamish it more white in person?.or is my computer correct in the cream color?.im also slightly color blind which could be a factor as well.

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