Gaijin Gunpla

After assembling the Kimaris (Barbatos) frame, before you can progress you must first digress.

Yup, take that baby apart.

From there add the purple armour parts to the frame.

In order to get that top part on you have to make sure the little pieces that represent hydraulics are lined up the right way to allow the contours of the armour piece to fit over top.

Now for shoulder shurikens!

Place the shuriken in there and then close it up.

Then you can place the shuriken housing/launcher into the larger armour pieces.

The launcher pops up or can stay down.

Now for that large wing-type of thing.

Green area is a plastic piece and not a sticker like the HG.

Go! Go! Shuriken!

Now I have to get these onto the arms.

The shoulder frame design is the same as the Barbatos and no extra frame is added. Instead, how you get those huge shoulders onto the frame is to just drop them on.

When it comes to the head you only need to add the front, back, fin, and rear sensor (I’m assuming that’s what that is).

Then you have to armour up the arms.

You’ll need to pop off the hands for one piece but the arms take little time.

There is only one piece for the back which covers up the elbow.

Rather than armour over a foot you are actually building the feet for the Kimaris.

Once assembled it slides over the foot frame as well as add the heel.

Two armour parts for the upper leg.

For the lower leg you will need to put on more frame parts before you can add armour.

Then a frame part for the knee before starting with the armour.

The front and rear armour for the lower leg actually requires quite a bit of assembly. First you’ll need to prepare the thruster for the front.

A purple part with a black sticker goes on the front armour.

Now place the thruster assembly in and cover it with another armour parts.

Now you for the rear armour. First the thruster.

For the rear you place in the second armour part and then put in the thruster, the opposite of what you did for the front.

The front armour snaps onto the hinge.

While the rear slides into the poly-cap like piece that you inserted when you added the frame parts to the lower leg.

Here’s the standard leg.

Open sesame.

These legs are huge which means they are somewhat sturdy.

I guess you could armour up this kit without separating the upper and lower bodies but I did it to make my life easier. Now I can reunite them.

Front skirt.

The ball joints of the skirts will be held in place thanks to the unique shape of the new front skirt frame part.

Does anyone else see a minion?

Side skirts.

Then the rear.

When it comes to the backpack Bandai gives you a choice, the standard type or the booster pack.

If you choose the standard backpack.

That’s it.

Here is the Kimaris in his standard form.

But if you want the booster…

There is some work to be done.

Start here.

You’ll need two of these.

And these are pretty much the same.

You’ve got a sticker to place here.

You’ll end up with opposing sides.

Add them to the center you assembled first.

After that comes the weapons. Yes, plural. There are two but you’ll really only be interested in the one, I think.

It goes like this.

That small piece for the middle is a good idea.

Not only will it help this huge lance be more rigid but it also provides some detail.

If you were so inclined you could paint this piece to highlight that area on the lance.

Add the tip.

Finish up the bottom.

Then add the handle.

That’s one long lance.

And that other weapon.

Ya, that’s it.

1/100 Kimaris with his load of stuff.

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  1. Cakra09 says:

    Any personal opinion about this kit?

  2. Bocalt says:

    Strangely the 1/100 proportions seems off as compared to the hg… hope you ended up enjoying the kit, sure have bought a lot of IBO kits as compared to G-Reco and build fighters

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