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Iron-Blooded Orphans kits seem to release in bunches quite often. With so many releases most builders have to decide between several when they go to purchase an IBO HG. Probably due to the large selection I haven’t yet chosen to build a Graze but I can’t avoid that forever and when HG Carta’s Graze Ritter released I felt it was a good time to get my Graze on.

Overall Look: 8/10

When I think of sleek and quick Mobile Suits I think of Strike Gundams and Astray Frames. The Graze kits seem to fit in the same group thanks to minimal armour and and a slim frame. I may not have liked the first Graze kits that released but as more appear and more things are added to the Graze base the more they appeal to me. I won’t say the Graze is the coolest MS I’ve seen but Carta’s Graze Ritter is the coolest Graze I’ve seen. I still say the head is Marvin the Martian.

Colors: 8/10

Grazes are green, right? For the most part, yes, and that isn’t such a bad scheme except it is taken totally from the grunt Zaku suits. The Graze Ritter stands out from the crowd thanks to the blue armour with the red racing stripes. It definitely is more eye-catching than any of the Graze suits that have come before. I do need to point out, however, that all the red on this kit is accomplished using stickers, which is understandable given the scale and slim shapes of the armour parts.

The few areas of yellow you see are also stickers.

Weapons: 8/10

The MS fights in Iron-Blooded Orphans seems mostly that of close range melee combat rather than long range weapons such as bazookas and rifles like the majority of the Gundam anime that have come before. The original Barbatos kits came with a giant mace while kits like the Kimaris came with a lance and who could forget Gusion’s hammer. The Ritter follows this pattern and sure it does have a rifle but it’s weapon of choice is the sword.

Like a medieval knight the Ritter strikes down his enemies with his broadsword. When not hacking away the sword, like the axe that is also in this kit, can be stored on the hip armour using the simple peg/hole connection.

Articulation: 10/10

This kit is very articulate thanks to the frame design and minimal armour. You can see I’ve got it in a very exaggerated pose showing the bend in the knee.

The ankles also have a lot of articulation sideways so you can spread the legs for more ‘action’ type of poses.

The minimalist backpack also means you won’t suffer from a back-heavy kit.

My initial concerns were that the larger shoulder assembly would interfere with the ability to move its arms and thus limit what kind of poses you could do with the sword, but the large, stickered part of the shoulder can rotate around 360 degrees and allow you to move the arm at almost any angle.

It can also swing upwards revealing the thruster underneath.

The other armour parts of the shoulder also open up somewhat.

Build Design: 9/10

Everything comes together well on this kit and it moves great and looks good though I do have one complaint about one area. The shoulders. The flaps on the front and back of the shoulders can swing out and the design for that works as intended however I find that it just falls apart quite easily.

When I was trying to pose this guy, if I handled the shoulder area a little too much it would start to come apart or I would find myself holding only a part of the shoulders while the other pieces would end up on the table or floor. When I reassembled the shoulder and tried to reconnect it to the body, if I grasped it the wrong way it would come apart again. It was a little frustrating but fortunately being a simple design it’s simple to do it again if needed. Just a little frustrating though.

Fun Factor: 8/10

Quick and simple, the HG Graze Ritter is one of those I’ve-got-an-hour-to-kill-and-want-to-build-something kits. It, and the other Graze HG kits, wouldn’t be the first thing I grabbed when I felt the urge to build but it didn’t let me down in any way because it doesn’t promise to be more than it is. Having the sword does allow you to play with it differently than you would a kit which comes with only a rifle so their is some novelty there.

Extras: 8/10

Extra parts! If you need some more Graze shoulders, perhaps for your Barbatos, then you can have them in this kit. You’re also given other parts that are part of the Graze frame and armour to use as you see fit. There are a lot of parts swapping back and forth between then IBO kits.

I’m glad I got my Graze on with the Ritter. It speaks to me more than the others (is it the colors? the mohawk? the sword? Definitely the sword) and I now don’t feel I’m missing out by not assembling the Graze kits that came before. I don’t know if I’ll go back and build any other Graze kits but luckily I have one I like I can play with when I get the urge.

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  1. Frankon says:

    The design looks interesting. But the pilots of Ritter type just make my irk so i’va passed on this Graze. Btw can it strike its knight pose?

    Just remember to get Graze EINS (MS G) cause its looks like it will be the most baddass Graze version.

  2. Matius Magus says:

    In my opinion, the best part of the grazes type are their customization abilities. Given that all graze use the same inner frame, you can just grab fews graze and keep swapping this and that. Also those delicious weapon customization part ie. axes and shoulder bazooga.

    I even saw someone put 3 grazes and 2 gundams and made a GIANT GATTAI ROBO!!!

  3. flamerounin says:

    Whenever I see this, I always remember IBO’s episode 23. And I want to get this fine lady just to re-enact that hehehehe!

  4. David Lynch says:

    Just bought this kit from HLJ,cant wait to build it too,the feet seem a little pointier than the other graze kits.

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