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Would you believe that the HG Carta’s Graze Ritter kit is my first High Grade 1/144 scale Graze? I didn’t realise it before now, either. There have been quite a few Graze’s released in HG but my only experience with a Graze of any kind up until now was the 1/100 McGillis’s Schwalbe Graze. Maybe I found the Graze designs to be a little bland but the Graze Ritter catches my eye.

It’s not a complex build but it did take me longer than it normally would. I assembled this on the evening of March 11th, the 5th anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. All the television stations were airing special regarding that disaster and I found it hard to look away from the television even though it was hard to watch what was on television.

Having a model kit or some other thing that you enjoy around during times like that is a real help, I think.

Having not built a 1/144 Graze before I wasn’t sure how much of the kit was carried over from the previous Grazes and how much was new. You can see the armour on runner A is the standard Graze but F is the Ritter.

Same with C and E.

The D (frame runners) are just listed as Graze Frame.

The poly-cap runner is quite small.

You do get new markings.

So away I went, starting with the torso.

I’ll need to add a sticker to that large, lighter coloured part.

And two more to smaller areas.

Here are the shoulder sections on the torso.

You have to drop the cylinder shaped portion into the hollow on the torso.

This allows you to swing the shoulders/arms inwards.

But I also just noticed that the shoulder poly-caps are quite visible in this design.

From this point you add the armour.

And the side skirts, which isn’t common on HG kits. Quite often the side skirts go on last after the upper and lower body sections are connected.

Here are all the pieces that make up the head.

The red you see here is done by applying stickers. The same will be for any other red sections you see on this kit.

Marvin the Martian. Totally.

Now for these.

Know what these are?

They are the start of the shoulder assembly.

Once the black parts are assembled you have to add the blue armour parts.

Lay the ‘wings’ into the square piece from below and then you can drop it onto the black section you’ve just assembled.

But first add stickers!

You then make the joint that will connect the shoulders to the torso and to the arms.

And speaking of the arms, here’s one.

He looks like a condor. Just sayin’.

Here is the Ritter version of the Bandai IBO stiletto heels.

Let’s assemble some leg frame parts.

IBO HGs have frames! Ya!

Add the little, um.. whatever it is to the side of the upper leg as well as the knee-cap and you can connect the foot here as well.

Look at that bend.

And now the skirt.

That does look pretty cool.

But there’s more!

Those things for the back!

I’ve also got a weapon to assemble.

And two that I don’t need to assemble.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Just managed to grab the initial Graze. How do the by compare to the 1/100.btw to grab a Kimaris you might end up enjoying it more than you’d think.

  2. Ray Gonzales says:

    Is there spare parts for just the regular ritter?

    • Paul says:

      Good news is that they exist.

      Bad news is that they come with, and you have to cannibalize, the HG Barbatos 6th Form HG.

      You need to take the shoulders from the Barbatos and paint them accordingly. Other than that, it also comes with torso parts and the regular crest for this kit.

  3. Wolfen says:

    Hi! Include the Standard shoulders from the graze basic kit? Thanks and Great review!

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