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When I saw this at last year’s Gunpla Expo the theme there was the future and they had exhibits showing very futuristic model technology, much of it so far out that it seemed Bandai was just playing around. However, one area featured a kit that looked both futuristic and yet something we could have very soon. What was called the Hi-Resolution Gundam Barbatos drew a big crowd and many people walked away somewhat awed by what they saw. If you didn’t see it at the time it looked like Bandai had crossed the Master Grade line with the Metal Build line of figures they have. What you have, similar to Kotobukiya’s FrameArms concept, was a fully working inner frame provided to you onto which you could, if you choose, place the armour. It looked gorgeous. The hype started. And then they released the price. 16,000 yen. That’s a lot of money. But if it is indeed a MG-Metal Build Hybrid then the price is understandable. Of course, no one can really judge that for themselves until they get the finished product in their hands. Well, now it’s here.

Introducing the 1/100 High-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos by Bandai

Even the box looks Hi-Res!

Some things Bandai does right and I think packaging is one of them. The Real Grade packaging design was excellent and I love what I call the PG Package. How they design the boxes for Perfect Grade kits along with the construction manuals and such really makes you feel you are entering into special territory. The box for the Hi-Res Barbatos also gives me that feeling.

The box is highly reflective with a beautiful image of the kit. The gold text is even embossed.

The sides of the box:

After that nice presentation it’s time to open the box.

I’m guessing that little box on the right houses the frame of this bad boy.

You slide him out from the bottom or top.

Let’s check out some of these frame details.

You can see there are a lot of pistons/hydraulics in the upper body alone.

Looks like certain areas like the shoulder, knees, and feet have die-cast parts set in.

First runner out of the box is the biggest. It’s the H Runner. Looks like it has most of the weapon parts and extra hands.

I see a sticker.

In a Hi-Resolution kit?!

Armour parts.

These have a pearl finish to them.

I also notice that where you use stickers on the HG and 1/100 versions of the Barbatos these parts have those areas cut away.

Same with the shoulders.

Grey and black armour parts.

The black parts are actually a gun-metal type of colour.

The grey parts look flat in comparison with the other armour parts.

Here are the smaller runners.

The B runner is a pink pearl type of finish. These look like the parts that will be used in place of the stickers I mentioned earlier.

This runner is silver on the underside so the pink effect is a clear sprayed on last.

Mekki runners, all listed as variations of the A runner.

Most parts are under-gated.

This applies to most the white pearl armour parts as well.

The G runners look to be for gimmicks perhaps for the backpack and weapon.

The manual is small at what looks to be B5 size.

Looks like one page per section. Here you can see Body and Head.

One page for each arm.

Likewise for the legs.

Waist and backpack.

And weapons.

Last page is the order form but, Holy Cow! Look at what it will cost to replace a frame section!

Back of manual hypes the model one last time.

This should be an interesting experience.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Frankon says:

    So. When live stream?

  2. Cakra09 says:

    Holy moly how much money do you make every month? 😐 anyway, waiting for reviews

  3. Michael Bracken says:

    The frame looks pre-assembled. any thoughts?
    If you were to paint the standard 1/100, is the high price justified?

    • Mike says:

      Your live stream answered my questions.
      $190 Aussie is very expensive, now our dollar has tanked.
      The frame does look awesome, and painting isn’t the same as real pistons.
      Can you do a frame comparison photo with the standard 1/100.

    • Gadhelix says:

      The details look sharper in this.The frames are not even close with the No Grade. And metal-looking plastic is not metal. This has real metal die-cast parts. All this being said, you have to live within your means. If you cannot afford this, the no grade is the only other option in this scale.

  4. scid says:

    I think Bandai try to follow frame arms and the takara tomy kits.

  5. ASM says:

    Those frame replacement prices!! The kit can be literally bought for the cost of an arm and a leg!

  6. Pablo says:

    So basically what Bandai’s trying to say is if you mess the frame up, you messed up real bad.

  7. Gadhelix says:

    The build is already up in their youtube page. Highly detailed overall specially the frame. The frame can probably pass as PG? With all the die-cast parts and working pistons. And it is still cheaper than most metalbuilds. It technically is a metalbuild with removable armor since that is a feature of this gundam.

  8. Charlo says:

    This High Res Model looks amazing, though for that kind of money I would rather get a Perfect Grade. Would not know what I would do should Bandai decide to release the RX-93 as a HiRM though, probably would end up getting it no matter how much it would cost. 🙂

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