Gaijin Gunpla

I chose to make the fat guy first so now I will show the Rebake form of the 1/100 Gundam Gusion Rebake.

I have to work with a naked frame. That means taking off that green Gusion armour and going back to the bear frame. Onto that frame there are some smaller pieces that need to go on first such as the white armpit parts. This shoulder frame assembly is slightly different from that of the Barbatos

A small collar piece goes on the back of the neck.

You’ll need to assemble the chest from these three parts.

It fits onto the frame but you’ll need to drop this part on top to get it to stay in place

You assembled the head frame already so you now start adding Rebake parts to that.

A very small sticker is then placed on the face mask.

And just like the High Grade kit you’ll add white wrap-around stickers to the fins on the top armour piece.

And just like the HG the stickers will start to come off soon after putting them on.

Drop the newly-stickered armour part onto the frame.

Make both sides armour sections, each consisting of the beige part, the orange fin that swivels, and a white part.

On the High Grade Rebake the white here was a sticker but on the 1/100 it’s a small plastic piece. Progress!

Add a chin part before slapping on the sides.

On the arm frame you’ll put on the upper front armour part and the lower rear wrist piece first.

Then the two longer pieces on either side of the forearm.

The piece for the hand and the elbow go on last.

Assemble two shoulders.

All the white you see here was accomplished using one large plastic piece as opposed to a few stickers on the High Grade Rebake. I’m very glad for this.

Here’s one completed arm.

When armouring up the foot you first assemble this little contraption.

The white piece has quite a bit of movement thanks to that black swing arm.

You’ll need to add a black sticker here. It has quite a few corners so lining it up can be a little tricky.

Now stick a small orange part into the large front leg armour piece and at the same time you’re doing that add the front thigh armour.

Once those are on you can add the armour to the back of the leg.

There is a very large black armour part that the foot steps into before you put the remaining armour on.

This is a side skirt.

Front skirts.

Dat ass… I mean shield.

The thrusters will fit in before the large armour part goes on. They’ll swing slightly as well

You need to add these two pieces to the underside of the skirt.

Now you can assemble and install the arm that connects this huge thing to his rump.

And lastly you have those huge contraptions on his back.

The black piece has to fit on a specific way before you can plug the orange piece into its spot.

You’ll need to assemble these next.

And you’ll have to assemble the extra arms at this step as well.

As well as an device to mount that extra arm onto.

Add the hand as well.

It folds up like this when being concealed in that giant bulb.

Put your super secret extra arm away in its hiding spot.

Then add the other side.

The two extra poly-caps you were given with this kit now come into use, on the backpack.

Plug in your giant whatever-it-is.

Fun shot!

Quit goofing around! You have a rifle to assemble.

I built it with the hand on so I could add the extra parts.

Dat axe!

You’ll have to put a sticker at the back and wrap it around.

And the edge of the axe is stickers as well. Four of them!


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  1. Wolfbane says:

    Ever since I first saw the 1/100 scale Gusion model I’ve been quite interested in it. Though it looks like the Rebake form has lots of stickers like it’s 1/144th scale version. Good thing I finally found a good white paint as it looks like paintbrush ho! for me when I finally decide to get the kit.

  2. Belades says:

    Will we be getting a Pseudo-review for the Gusion and ReBake like we did the Barbatos? I’ve been strongly considering getting them, but I’ve wanted to see a photo review of them before I make any decisions (but this is the only review site I know of that does photoreviews in english)

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