Gaijin Gunpla

Fresh off the First Look I had at this thing, after getting home and putting a crying baby to bed I sat down on the floor, popped the lid off the box, and got a quick session under way.

We’re starting with the torso here and the first thing you do is pop in the pilot.

Then you prepare this piece by putting on some small moveable pieces.

You can then drop the pilot onto this.

This is not a poly-cap!

I’ve mentioned already that there are no PC parts in this build and when I cut this PC-looking part off the runner I thought, ‘Yay, not a pc!’ and then I immediately followed that thought up with, ‘Whoa. I gotta be careful here. Don’t want to break anything.’

This turn out to be the lower part of the torso which you secure in place by two frame parts.

You can see some of this new articulation.

Now you have to pop on this figure-eight looking piece.

The manual tells you to line them up in this way.

Into those two holes I will drop the pegs found on the underside of this piece.

You need to push them down until there is a pop but the small space you have to work in makes that tricky.

I got it done.

Here is a shot showing how the sides of the torso can move independently.

Now for the pegs which will connect to the arms.

This reminds me of a 2.0 RX build.

Now to add the collar, chest plate, and lower armour.

You can see this lower torso armour has been moulded to show the frame details underneath.

The neck is actually two frame part.

That small dark blue part is for the chest.

Add the dark blue chest armour to both sides.

You now have a very small piece to insert.

They have to go in a specific way which can be tricky. I advise you to use your tweezers.

Cockpit hatch.

Add that and the vents.

For the bottom of the torso you have not two but three white parts to put on.

Then the rear frame part and dark armour.

And there it is.

I have to say that I knew this kit would provide some new experiences and it is nice to see them right at the start of the build. I’m excited to keep going but this was as far as I was able to get yesterday before dinner.

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  1. Phillax says:

    So excited, my parcel from Japan will be arriving in two days.

  2. Aldy says:

    So, Syd, I have a question, or more like, asking for a suggestion, if you don’t mind. I know from the previous post that this kit doesn’t have polycaps, which remind me of the sinanju OVA. So I plan to repaint the internal frame of this freedom 2.0 (when mine’s arrived), because it made my sinanju have an even more solid frame. But then seeing this post I actually feel a bit worried, because it looks like this kit have so many tiny/small parts, and I fear I might break it if make the frame too solid. And to my question, do you think it’s ok to repaint the internal frame of this one? regardless of the tiny parts

    • Shafiq says:

      My suggestion,you can still paint the inner frame before assembling. Just need either to cover the peg & hole using masking tape/blutack,or scrape-off the paint at the mating surface.

    • S2 says:

      Bandai changed the composition of the plastic used for the frames so that people could paint them. You shouldn’t really have any problems as far as I can tell.

    • Phillax says:

      I’m guessing this kit frame is of PS type, which means (if it is) paint-friendly.

    • Aldy says:

      Well, ok, I think I’ll take the middle ground by using masking tape on some of the smaller parts just in case. Thanks for giving the suggestion btw 😀

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