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Previously known as MG G it was revealed at the end of the now official first season of Iron-Blooded Orphans that this kit’s proper name is the HG Graze Ein. Another Graze? Well, not really. This is unlike any of the previous Graze due to its sheer size. Despite being significantly larger than the other Graze HG kits so far the price was kept the same. I suspect this is a combination of Bandai not wanting to give any kind of hints as to what to expect prior to its reveal on the show but also because several of the Graze runners are reused in this kit so costs are kept low.

Here are the runners from the previous Graze releases.

You can see they have been trimmed down quite a bit.

And here are the runners specific to the Ein.

Mostly armour but you do get a new frame runner as well with some large pieces on there.

And axes!

And foils.


Anything coming off the D runner is standard Graze parts while the A runner is the new stuff.

Assembly is pretty much the all Graze parts at the start.

I still find these unique shoulder assemblies quite interesting.

You start the head assembly by placing this small moveable piece inside a larger armour part.

Then you place face parts around that.

Then drop on the top part and put on the sides.

Here are the shoulders. These parts are all new.

The frame parts just swing to give the Graze its articulation in that area.

Put that shoulder assembly into the large armour part along with a black piece that will also move.

Then close it up.

Now for the arm. The two parts on the bottom of this picture are new.

Add the wrist armour which plugs in by peg so it’s not only giving the wrist more articulation but it’s lengthening the arm.

Add the one piece hand and some armour to the back of the lower arm.

It’s a long ‘un.

This spike fits on the back of the forearm.

Now for the legs. Top two (three?) parts are old. Bottom are new.

It’s a long ‘un.

Add the standard hip joint.

Place armour on the back of the lower leg. It kind of has to hook on there.

Add front ankle armour.

Create thruster flap for rear of the lower leg.

Snap that in along with the long front armour piece.

Add the knee and upper thigh armour.

Then add the one piece foot. More on this later.

Here is the start of the skirt assembly. Frame parts are old.

Russian super model legs.

Still needs his backpack. That involves just these parts.

Slap that on there.

Now for those two axes.

They can fit on the backpack.

Not bad.

Behold the towering Ein.

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  1. DarkReaper006 says:

    Well! This thing looks pretty friggin’ awesome!
    Can’t wait for the review! Must get at least 90%

    Howeve…I wonder if the next IBO kit will be called Graze Twei…

  2. Vae says:

    I really like the feet. Thanks for the review GG.

  3. Robin Goh says:

    I want to see this in their 1/100 scale line

  4. Scott Tucker says:

    The feet and the twin enormous axes sell it for me. And what is it with Gundam and all these German names? Ein is a or an in German – which even makes him that much more of a thing and not a human. And the names of all those guns on the Archangel/legged ship in Seed – all German – Wagnerian Opera elements. Great review and a cool figure.

  5. Limerick says:

    Hi GaiGun, nice WIP. Cannot wait for the review. Btw, the axes are upside down on purpose? 🙂 I like your reviews, and think you should know I bought one of my kits because of your review 🙂

  6. Paul says:

    Hmmm… Those arms would look really good on the Barbatos. Wonder if it has the same connection as that.

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