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The last mysterious Iron Blooded Orphans kit has been released! Well, it may not be the last now that a second season of the show has been announced but at one point, until very recently, what we thought of as the last HG kit from IBO has been released. That would be none other than the quite large Graze Ein. How does it stack up compared to the others (other than being much taller)?

Overall Look: 8/10

Sometimes I think it looks like a giant bat. And sometimes I think it looks like the batman of the Graze world. One thing is for sure, it makes the other Graze kits look like children. Part of that is its sheer size.

But I think it just looks meaner. Those sharp angles, especially found in the head make a huge difference from the look of all the other Graze MS.

If it wasn’t so big it would still look pretty sinister thanks to the design of the feet.

It’s got claws! Like a giant bat!

Colors: 9/10

Standard grey frame covered by dark blue and purple armour with a touch of black. If this were a different MS such as the RX-78-2 I’d think the colours were a little drab but this scheme fits almost perfectly with the look and theme of the Graze Ein. You’ll get a couple places where the colour is broken up using a yellow sticker but that’s it for any bright colours on this guy.

Weapons: 8/10

I was surprised when this kit didn’t come with the standard Graze rifle that has come with the Grazes before it but then I pulled out the runner with the axes and mounted machine guns and all was well with the world again. The guns are quite small and can only be used on the underside of the shoulders when you fold out the black piece.

This design probably looks cooler than it functions but I didn’t give it too much time as I was already back to playing with the axes. And those axes can be stored on its rather unnoticeable backpack

People may point out that I have the axes on backwards but I don’t see it that way. Personally, I would prefer to draw my weapon by reaching under my armpit rather than over top of my shoulder. I also like how I can make the Ein even taller by putting the axes this way.

You can count this giant spike as a weapon.

Wouldn’t want to get hit by that thing.

Articulation: 10/10

For a kit with such long limbs I was worried balance would be an issue but the sleekness of it combined with the four-toed feet make it really stable.

I mean really stable.

There is extra articulation in the wrists where the design extends the arm using armour parts at the end of the arm frame rather than over top of it. The same kind of thing can be found in the ankles.

Build Design: 9/10

The HG IBO kits for the most part have all been really well designed, more so than normal HG kits, thanks to the inner frames Bandai has engineered. Frames on HG kits?! Yup, I’m still excited about that. The Graze Ein uses quite a few parts from the standard Graze but has a separate runner for all the new frame parts. Design-wise it’s on par with the rest of the Graze and IBO kits though one area which caught my attention was the torso connection. It’s simply a ball joint like the other Graze kits but because the upper body of the Ein is so heavy sometimes that connection can’t hold together.

This is disappointing but it’s not a big enough problem that I feel the need to complain.

I’ll also mention that the flaps on the back of the leg can open revealing the thrusters underneath.

I’ve already mentioned the mountable guns on the shoulders but I’ll show it here again because it’s a cool gimmick.

And a big meh goes out to the hand design.

They give you the closed-fist hands but they lack detail and really look cheap.

The Graze design has proven to work really well so it doesn’t surprise me that Bandai did not depart from it too much with this kit.

Fun Factor: 8/10

If you’ve built a Graze before the fun isn’t in realizing what has been kept for the Ein but what has been added. You’ll see most of this in the shoulders and legs. Once finished you then get to put it beside your other Graze kits and watch it stand out.

Extras: 8/10

You’re given an extra set of hands for the axes which I think most people will be using most of the time.

And you’re given extra feet for the drill attack the Ein has.

Of course, your kit won’t stand up if you’ve got these on unless he’s mounted on a stand which, unfortunately, Bandai chose not to provide with this kit.

And included here are all the standard Graze pieces which you don’t use on the Ein.

I imagine some people will find uses for these.

Is this a Graze kit or something else? Well, it’s a little of both. Those who may not be interested in the Ein as an MS won’t feel they are missing out too badly if they choose not to pick it up but those who love Graze kits or the Ein in general will also enjoy this kit at its affordable price. It’s definitely it’s own thing whichever way you are leaning regarding it.

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  1. Frankon says:

    ” Personally, I would prefer to draw my weapon by reaching under my armpit rather than over top of my shoulder”
    And you are missing the force of the atack while drawing under the armpits (you know Earth/Mars or whatever gravity works against you and not for you ^^). Also can it even draw them from below? I think with the hand articulation it should be able to reach the handles if they are put the right way (for a drawing the axes pose)

    • S2 says:

      If drawing the axe is the attack then over the shoulder may provide more force. However, just removing the weapon from its position behind you, if we are concerned about ‘gravity working for or against you’ it takes more strength to raise the axe up high enough behind your shoulder at least until your shoulder can become a fulcrum, whereas, by just detaching the axe from your back gravity will automatically cause it to drop and all you’re doing by grabbing it underneath your arm is directing the energy created by it falling causing it to swing out in front of you.

      That said, Ein is a giant robot probably capable of either without problem but I come at this from the standpoint of a human being (who has done quite a bit of weapons training.)

  2. flamerounin says:

    As much as I am excited to get my Ein, those gripping hands also look meh. Heck, they are not even proper gripping hands. The axes just look like they float there and the fingers are not even closed around the handles. Goot thing these baby can be easily refitted with 1/100 Bandai or Koto hand parts.

    Also, I am wondering if they will reuse the Graze Ein concept in season 2. I want more giant mobile suits, hehehehe!

  3. Iki says:

    Personally I think it looks a lot like shockwave from transformers.
    Wondering if they are going to make a 1/100 of this, and if any of the IBO will get a Mg release…

  4. Victorio says:

    Hey admin I just wanna know where do u keep all your Gundam Collection Theres so many many many Im intrested to see it

  5. ffoeg says:

    Nice review! thanks.

  6. hcls315 says:

    This is a very detailed review of a highly anticipated kit that I intend to purchase. Perhaps this will become my last gunpla.

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