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On MG Gundam kits legs are usually the most lengthy part of the build process and with the Zeta 2.0 being a transformable MS and kit these legs look to be even more involved than those found on regular MGs. And it all starts with these parts.

From the start you are assembling both legs at the same time and being an MG there are moving parts inside of the joints.

The piece on the back of the knee stands out from the rest of the assembly. Unfortunately, you’re covering it up and it’s the same colour so it’s not going to grab much attention unless it is painted.

You need to clip in this loose piece so the upper leg is one assembly that moves together.

So far articulation looks pretty good.

Add an armour part here.

Now this!

(x 2)

Inset a small frame part into the lower leg side armour.

Attach that frame.

You can then join to the upper leg frame.

Now that you’ve got the leg frames assembled the next stage is to assemble and attach an ankle.

There’s some movement here.

Plug that into the frame section that juts out from the bottom of the legs.

Now for the feet!

I should mention that the Poly-cap runner on this kit is listed not as PC but as K, which is rather unusual, so each time I saw a K part listed in the manual I was looking through the frame runners before remembering to grab the PC part.

Finally some red.

You can see how these go on.

Now for the thruster on the back of the leg.

With the foot on you can now start adding the white armour parts.

You assemble the hip joints at this point.

It’s here legs are differentiated right from leg.

Large side frame parts go on next.

Then you prepare the white coverings.

Now for flaps!


These hold beam sabre handles.

They are the side skirts so they will go on when the legs go on.

He’s looking great so far.

But he’s missing something…

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  1. VisX says:

    “But he’s missing something…”

    The pilot – the soul of a MS.

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