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A long four months have passed since the last MG kit, the V2 Ver. Ka and on the one hand part of me is going through MG withdrawal however there is another part of me that thinks I will be able to withstand four month gaps between Master Grades if Bandai can make the kits well worthwhile. Well, this MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0 definitely looks like it is.

Awesome box art is awesome.

So why not show it again on the manual!

You get your first glimpse of the actual kit on the back of the manual.

And while I’m at the back I’ll check out the marking guide.

My attention turned from the markings quite quickly when I saw the other page showing some of the gimmicks.

Obligatory full-colour spread in the middle of the manual.

The box is quite heavy and I think a lot of that comes down to the plastic for the wings but let’s go through the runners in order.

A runner.

It is here you find the red parts and the only yellow part on the entire kit.

B runner times two.

Here are some of the large parts for the wings. They have some nice detail.

C runners and the D.

Most of the leg armour looks to be here, again with some nice details, and the D runner is the cool shield.

I like the D (runner).

E1 and E2 runners.

These are all the dark blue parts and check out the length on that wing piece. There is even a groove on the inside into which I may be inserting something.

F1 and F2.

Here are the light grey parts most of which will be for the side skirts, I imagine, but the chest vents and such are here too.

G runners (plural) and the large H runner.

We all know what we’re looking here.

The length!

Frame runners come next and you’ve got the large I runner which is so big it has to lay along the length of the box.

There is a lot of plastic here.

The two J runners are mostly made up of frame parts for the limbs but also pieces that look like things we would see on a poly-cap runner.

Speaking of the PC runner…

There is no Poly-cap runner in the MG Freedom Gundam 2.0 kit.

I will let that sink in.

Part of the reason I hold the MG Sinanju in such high esteem is because Bandai designed it to not use any poly-caps. The result is an incredibly strong frame that can hold up those giant wings. I had hoped we would see that kind of engineering again in the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka but that was not to be and I had held slight hope that the Sazabi Ver Ka would not have any poly-caps but alas I was wrong there as well. Now we have another large, winged MS that does not incorporate the soft plastic as part of the joint design. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

And if for some reason it can’t stand up I have a stand.


Here are the markings/stickers.

This kit isn’t a Ver. Ka so I guess that means no water-slides? Instead we are back to the dry transfers.

These have English on them.

Very few foils.

And the stickers themselves look good and plentiful.

I am excited.

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  1. Ray says:

    OK, looking good so far, my other half is going to get angry with me seeing as i just built Tallgeese and Aegis, i reckon i’ve got space for one more……

  2. Willy says:

    Can’t wait to see a full review on this. My 2014 MG freedom is just waiting to be replaced by 2016

  3. MuGGzy says:

    OH look! Another Strike version…..just what the line needed… 😐

    • Ray says:

      It’s the freedom, a pretty badass gundam if ever there was one, and many peoples(mine included) favourite. I didn’t get version 1 as it didn’t look quite right, this one looks immense, tons of detail, should be sturdy as F@*k with no polycaps also.

      Easily the best suit from the Seed series(and Destiny), well worth a 2.0 and a purchase!

      • CFX says:

        let’s hope they do the same for Strike Freedom 2.0, Destiny 2.0. So hype and cant wait to get mine, but I’ll probably have to wait for another 3-4 weeks staying where i’m staying now.

    • Vgm says:

      It’s exactly how I feel about the many many versions of the Unicorn.
      Wish they would make new kits and stop rehashing these old classics.

  4. Kirk0625 says:

    Well now I have two kits to build, MG Hi-Nu ver KA and this. Gonna be a good month for gunpla

  5. belades says:

    So, about polycaps, you say that polycaps make the joints more durable, but I’d thought it was the opposite? Wherever I look I get mixed messages. Some people say kits without poly caps are looser and sag more, some say they’re tighter and sag less (“oh no this is going to get so loose” is the complaint I notice the most when a kit with no polycaps is announced). I’ve been having serious trouble finding which is the case, although I know for a fact that the joints that have worn down the most on my kits are the ones without polycaps (my poor HG Strike Noir’s shoulder joints are covered in plastic dust from two parts from the C runner grinding up against each other, its arms eternally slouched to its sides)

    My current understanding is, polycaps start out a bit weaker and will sag a bit more, but that over time (if you pose your kits and move the joints a lot) joints WITHOUT polycaps will wear down more and become looser as the plastic rubs together, meaning that polycaps are better for playability in the long term, but not as good for support of heavy parts in the short term, especially if you don’t plan on changing the pose after you display it. Is that right? Or is it only certain TYPES of polycaps that get loose over time? Or are polycaps better for lighter loads but not for heavier ones?

    If Polycaps ARE bad, why are they used?

    • Ray says:

      Polycaps are softer plastic, so they won’t wear out as much i suppose, but as they are softer the movement won’t be as restricted, i suppose if you are constantly changing the poses then polycaps might be better(less wear over time), although someone is bound to say the opposite.

      My Sazabi Ver Ka suffers from polycap issues, where certain parts won’t stay where i’d like them too due to being soo soft to hold in place, the shield always droops, the arms won’t stay up, etc.

      My 00 Raiser has glue(thin layer) over the polycaps to create additional friction, which is the only way it could hold that huge GN Sword straight without drooping.

    • Bryanmerel says:

      One problem about the kit of the old are the use of ABS plastic. They tend to get brittle and highly prone to worn lose. Older kits uses this plastic mostly for armor parts because of that, but some preety ancient kits also uses it as a frame, that is were the isue of kits having worn out plastic to plastic joint came from.

    • Bryanmerel says:

      Now came 2013 when bandai finaly recognized the problem and phased ot ABS for the lighter but more durable(and rubbery) Poly Styrene. Worth mention being used mostly by the recent RG frames and the Sinanju ver OVA. The use of this plastic over the ABS removes many isues of the brittle ABS, with some minor issues of less stiffness

    • Bryanmerel says:

      Now came 2013 when bandai finaly recognized the problem and phased ot ABS for the lighter but more durable(and rubbery) Poly Styrene. Worth mention being used mostly by the recent RG frames and the Sinanju ver OVA. The use of this plastic over the ABS removes many isues of the brittle ABS, with some minor issues of less stiffness.

    • Bryanmerel says:

      Polystyrene, or atleast the newer mixes bandai did use, enables the posibility of poly cap-less kits such as this one, it also improves joint and moving parts durability of most kits. So if you are asking wether a kit is good with or wthout polycap, i can only say, depends on the plastic.

    • Paul says:

      Because they’re cheaper.

      The weakness of polycaps really shine through with the really big kits like the Sazabi, and some back-heavy kits like the old Freedom and the No Grade 1/100 Gusion Rebake, which is why they went for a PC-less design with the MG Sinanju. It should be really back-heavy with those giant thrusters and fuel tanks, but it isn’t thanks to the Polycap-less engineering.

      It really doesn’t cause a problem in smaller MGs (like the F91) and HGs.

  6. Pio says:

    I can’t wait to have it in the Strike RM’s launchpad base.

  7. chundam says:

    Finally an MG to get me back into gunpla! Haven’t been building since the release of the MG hi-nu!

  8. Sablenk87 says:

    Abit part of me feel a bit disappointed for it doesn’t come with wing stand base like the version 1 did

  9. Matthew says:

    So does this kit come with a stand or not? I just purchased it yesterday and am wondering if I will need a new stand.

  10. Hime says:

    We’re getting the old replaced hand 🙁

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