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With a 2.0 Freedom upon us I’m starting to feel that 2.0 anticipation that seems to come around far too seldom. The last 2.0 I put together was the Hyakushiki and before that. Hmm. It’s been so long. To warm up for the Freedom I thought I’d crack open the 1/100 MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0. It’s a kit I’ve been interested in for a long time and one a reader recently requested so there’s no better time than the present.

I’ll be assembling this in little spats here and there between the other big releases this month. Remember, it’s April!

Many of you may not be aware but one of my earliest kits was the 1/100 MG Zeta Plus A1 Test Color. If my deteriorating memory serves I had finished assembling the Shin Matsunaga Zaku 2.0 and was still so excited I went to the closest yamada denki and bought the transforming orange thing. I may have bitten off more than I could chew at the time.

This being a 2.0 I’m sure there are a lot of differences I will discover and if there aren’t I can’t remember much of the A1 build so it will seem new to me. I think it will be fun.

Here is the poly-cap runner. I only put it here because it struck me how this seems rare to me because I’ve been staring at the same PC runners for so long when building my HGs and 1/100 IBOs.

Bandai also doubles up on some of the armour and frame runners.


It’s nice to open a thick box and go through the runners for the first time.

This runner is quite large, filling the entire bottom of the box.

More frame runners.

They go up to N!

I remember back when I was launching the .com version of this site and was thinking of the header image and what I wanted to do for it. I knew I wanted the runners to spell out G A I J I N but it was really difficult to find an N runner at the time. I should have just picked up the Zeta 2.0 then!

You start assembly on the Zeta 2.0 with the head and not the torso like most MGs. So pretty much the first thing I’m doing is applying foil stickers.

The plastic part is a rather unique shape and so must be the eye sticker. It takes a little more effort than usual to line up correctly.

Now add the frame part and poly-cap and a couple of the white armour parts.

Put on the sides and the top.

Now for the V fin which is designed quite well. Rather than swap parts, the fins are given to you as two parts rather than the standard V and you attach them to the pegs on the underside of the red forehead piece.

So here’s the start of the torso and it doesn’t involve a pilot figure.

This actually is the neck.

You’ll add the yellow collar and a couple more frame parts given you a head/neck assembly.

You’ll then assembly the back of the torso using a large frame and even larger blue armour part.

The neck assembly clicks into place and will slide up and down.

You have the lower torso sides to assemble and attach at this point.

Once on you open them up.

This prepares you the space for the remainder of the torso including the hatch. Here is the chest assembly.

Bandai does a nice bit of engineering here by making the shoulder area of the torso separate frame and armour pieces that can swivel slightly.

Now it’s time for the pilot figure.

You’ll also need to prepare one of these panels for each side of the upper torso.

And a couple of pegs go on the back to finish the torso assembly.

I decided this point was a good place to stop. When I get to it next it will be the arm assembly I’ll be showing.

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  1. r/hg lover says:

    maybe this one is more solid than the rg? i have a thing for transformable ms that require no part swaping 😀

    • Liyad says:

      I built this kit a few months ago. I can confirm that it’s a brick in comparison to the RG. I’d love a 3.0 but it’s hard to imagine what they could improve. It’s near perfect in every way as it is.

  2. Ctuia says:

    Thanks Syd!

    Great to see that your giving it a go. Can’t wait for the full review, and I hope it goes well!

    – Ctuia

  3. Throatwobbler Mangrove says:

    ah..the Zeta of my favorite MGs ever…your gonna love this one if youve never built it..the legs are a little tedious..but other than that great build…has the best looking Waverider of all the Zetas released in my opinion as well.

  4. Charlo says:

    Built this kit a while ago and some of friends who are not into Gunpla still think that this is the best looking kit ever. I mostly agree, but my favorite will always be the RX-93 ver Ka. Wish I could build the PG Zeta one day 🙂

  5. CryCLL says:

    I’ve been on the fence on this one! Looking forward to the result!

  6. Kai says:

    Wow, i’ve just took this kit out of my backlog box 10 min ago.

  7. khen says:

    I cant donaye anything but i want that unicorn xD

  8. Kai says:

    Ouch, I broke the circular part of the I-5 piece, which is what connects the cockpit to the torso. I would say when you try to press the cockpit into the position don’t put too much pressure on it.

    The silver lining is what’s left of the I-5 piece can hold the cockpit in place, i might use some glue to secure it, but that means i can’t do the transformation anymore.

  9. roger says:

    I really loved this kit, and I agree that it feels like a brick. However, you should be very careful if you intend to play with it because the internal parts are very fragile. In particular, I found the hinges in the abdomen shattered when i picked it up to transform it (after leaving it on my shelf for a few months) and the joint connecting the shoulder and the upper arm on one of the arms sheared apart (i suspect because of the stress that it undergoes when you transform it).

    I think the mega launcher’s handle and some parts of the wings also gave out on me. I’ll admit; some may have been over enthusiastic handling on my part, but this kit really bummed me out and turned me off anything that transforms.

    Handle with care 🙁

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