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How long has it been since an RE/100 release? Well, looking back we can see it has been…

10 months!?

The Dijeh released in June of 2015. That seems like a rather huge gap between kits in your newest grade, Bandai.

Wait, do we count the 1/100 NG IBO kits as a new grade?

Anyway, at long last, a new RE/100 kit is here and it is the RE/100 Efreet Custom. Don’t expect anything much in the way of new features. At first glance it looks like this kit goes together just like previous RE kits using the same PC runner.

Here’s how the build starts. You assemble both shoulder joints.

Then plug those into the main torso piece.

Then prepare the waist.

This then plugs into the torso and is closed up.

You can see there is a bit of bend at the waist.

Add the orange vents.

You then plug on all the armour.

That’s it for the torso so you move on to the head.

I’ve got a torso and a head so why not build some feet.

We’re building both at the same time here as there is no difference between the left and right.

The feet are very Zaku-ish.

Until almost the very end you build both legs at the same time starting with the hip joints.

Next is the knee joint.

The upper leg has a little frame onto which you can place upper leg armour parts.

You have to add a piece to the foot to connect it to the leg. I guess we’ll call this the ankle, but really it’s just one frame part. It doesn’t even have an opposite side to close things up.

I would be worried about over-stressing that ankle piece when posing the kit, however, I doubt this kit, being an RE, is going to be very posable anyway.

The lower leg is just two very large armour parts.

You need to add the white piece for the bottom of the leg and also the front armour and kneecap.

Now you are going to work on one leg at a time. You’ve got to prepare the large armour portion that sits on the outside of the leg.

Add a couple of thrusters there.

The fit is very specific. This secures them in there firmly and they won’t be dropping out.

Then the missile launcher.

This thing doesn’t actually launch any missiles.

Plug the missile launcher into the side leg armour.

A very small piece is used to cover up the opening on the inside of the leg.

With the legs finished you move on to the skirt,

The side skirt design is interesting. Before closing up the skirt frame halves you place inside a poly-cap with the opening towards the back.

The side skirts then plug into these poly-caps.

Usually you asssemble the skirt and attach the legs and then finally put on the side skirts but with the Efreet we’re changing the order. Build the skirt frame and add the side skirts. After that you are attaching the legs.

The center skirt has the gap where the piping will plug into.

Plug the piping in then place it on over the front skirts.

You have some small parts to add to the center as well.

Place the black piece on before the orange.

After the skirt is done you build the backpack. Again something that feels a little out of order.

I can plug the loose ends of the piping into the underside of the backpack and then connect it to the torso.

I finish that off by adding two parts to the backpack that are used to hold Efreet’s swords.

So all that are left are the arms and shoulders. The shoulders are simple enough.

The two spikes you have to plug into the shoulders have a very specific mould so you don’t confuse the to from the bottom.

The shoulders will connect to the arms by one poly-cap

Here is the shoulder frame.

Here’s the start of the elbow assembly.

Slap on those armour parts.

Inside one of which is housed some spikes.

Here is the extent of the bend in the elbow.

Finish the arms by plugging on the shoulders and assembling the hands.

Last but not least are the swords. The effect part blade kind of slots in to the shape of the larger handle part. Once it is in properly it is held firmly.

He is a big boy.

Let’s get some better shots in here.

He’s a big, blue boy.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Hmm. Bandai should have gave grey items for the inside of the shoulders. Pure orange looks very bad and in all photos and model displays the insides are grey….

    So lazy Bandai.

  2. Bryanmerel says:

    Wait……..those PC shape looks suspiciously familiar. O.o

  3. CryCLL says:


    The Efreet just exudes greatness.

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