Gaijin Gunpla

Last time we finished the body unit and so now we’ve got the arms to do. I really like this style of construction manual with this type of illustration.

With the body done the next step are the arm units as they are called.

You build both at the same time here.

You realise how this works as you assemble it.

You can see how this small grey piece will slide inside.

This will then attach to what will become the lower arm frame.

Some stickers are needed here.

Then some red to finish off the forearm.

You’re not building the entire arm frame as one unit but instead you’re plugging your upper arm frame into the lower arm farm.

And you’re not plugging it in vertically as you normally would but rather you plug the peg in the upper arm horizontally into the back of the top most section of the lower arm.

First time I can recall encountering this.

Shoulder joints.

And those hands which feel pretty old-school already.

Great articulation in the elbow.

Now for the shoulders.

You are going to place these rather small yellow vents onto the shoulder frame.

Then drop on the flap.

And then enclose the piece that goes around the shoulder joint.

You’ll put a blue armour piece into the slats on the inside of the side armour parts, and the vent you assembled first, before closing it up.

The shoulders were simple enough.

I could stop here but I felt I had time to get through the next section which was the skirt assembly.

Start with these parts and attach the leg connector pegs.

You’ll then prepare the main portion of the skirt frame.

Be careful lining up that poly-cap. If it’s off you’ll never get the skirt frame to close completely.

Attach the leg connection sections to the main frame using the ball joint.

Then fold them down into place.

Prepare the rear armour.

Yes, you counted correctly. Five thrusters!

The side skirts will attach via these interesting frame arm assemblies.

They kind of just slide on around the leg connector pegs and sit in there almost free. You’ll also need to put on the front skirt frame piece that holds this skirt frame together when in its robot form.

Once the legs are on they will be held more firmly in position.

Add the front armour.

Looks like a Zeta.

This is where I will stop because the legs are next and they will take some time.

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  1. Ryan Edgar says:

    Ah! Takes me back this. I built this kit maybe 10 years ago now. As someone who has built a RG too, how does the RG compare in your opinion?

  2. timothy ong says:

    I remember reading a review of this in MAHQ waay back then and buying it immediately the next day.

  3. Darth Mingus says:

    Those illustrations on the top picture were done by Bee-Craft (Junichi Akutsu). He provided most of the exploded view drawings on the master grade series. He is best know for his mechanical details type of drawings and was one of the mecha designers on Gundam Seed.

  4. PitMontorLover says:

    Aaahhh….my first Master Grade, but mine karaba ver. Love this gunpla

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