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The Captain Phasma kit was sweet with all the shininess that had but the Force Awakens kit I was most looking forward to, I’m sure you’re not surprised, was the 1/12 Kylo Ren. I’ve already talked about my love of Star Wars and my feelings about The Force Awakens. Kylo Ren already has his place firmly set in my still 6-year old Star Wars mind so I snagged the S.H.Figuarts Kylo Ren when it released but that really was just to tide me over until this kit arrived.

There’s that famous shot from early in the movie where he establishes that he’s a pretty bad-ass dude (whereas later in the film it’s pretty clear that he’s just a confused young man with daddy issues. oh Kylo, there’s so much Vader in you. The crazy force-user side of Anakin and the dysfunctional family side as well. I digress.)

Kylo wears that very distinct outfit and Bandai has recreated that using a very soft rubber. You actually get three runners of clothing.

This kit has exactly one sticker.


The A runner has the fabric looking chest parts as well as the lightsaber.

Interesting shape.

Poly-cap runner is the same.. or is it?

By now I think we know how any 1/12 Star Wars figure kit goes together.



The poly-cap for the shoulder joint seems a slightly different shape than I’m used to.

One side of that round circle has been flattened.

That has to go in a specific way when inserting into the torso.

The hands are quite interesting. These closed fists, yes look terrible, but they are moulded from a somewhat softer plastic.


The surface is looks just like it does in the film though I think the distinctive scarring is not there.

Here is the one non-black part of the entire kit other than the lightsaber.

Your sticker goes on there.

You put the head into the hood and then onto the neck.



Onto the waist you place his skirt.

Then attach the longer front and back skirts.

This part simply plops onto the waist and the torso sits on top of it to give it extra length. It doesn’t actually attach to anything and you can hear it rattling around in there when you pick up the kit. ha.

That unique saber effect part lays into the handle.


You’re also given a stand-alone handle that can attach to the skirt.

You do get a lot of extra hands.

I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to take a hand apart once I put the sabre handle inside of it.

I had planned to do all the famous poses from the movie and started with the sabre in the left hand so I could do this.

Then I realised that I couldn’t really get the sabre out of the left hand unless I find my parts separator so I can’t do the other famous poses.

Ah well, he still looks awesome.

“The old man gave it to you.”

“Put him on board.”

Love the look of the clothing.

I will be having a lot of fun with this guy.

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  1. Ian McRobbie says:

    Great work!

  2. Wolfbane says:

    Looks like the poor cross part of the lightsaber blade bends very easily here. Might have been a case where plugging them in would have worked better than one part for all three sections.

    On the other hand, this really does look like a nice figure plamo of Kylo of the Knights of Ren (though I so wanna say he’s a cross between Snape’s looks and a certain character in SEED:Destiny).

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