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So the evening before the first day of the 2016 Shizuoka Hobby Show, Bandai revealed the big reveal.

This isn’t unprecedented. The day before Shizuoka 2013 Bandai announced the MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0. I believe they did this to keep any spoilers from leaking during the show set-up. Someone from another booth takes a quick pick and puts it on social media and then your big surprise is spoiled. If you’ve got information to release, it’s best you are the one to release it.

You would think this would somewhat dim my excited for the show. After all, the big surprise isn’t a surprise any more. However, it had the opposite effect. After being somewhat disappointed in last year’s show I just couldn’t wait to get into the even this year and see the RG Sinanju. As press I got into the hall 10 minutes before the opening but as I was taking a picture of this kit a Bandai representative came over and told us to stop as no media was allowed to be taken until 9:30.

So at 9:29:59 I was back at the Sinanju display.

This kit is gorgeous.

Some important things to note. The black and gold trim, which was done as foil stickers on the HG and as your choice of foils or water-slides on the MG Sinanju Ver Ka are not sticker on upcoming Real Grade kit.

Let’s pause for a moment to consider that.

The trim will be done by having the gold cast as mekki-plated parts around or into which you will insert black parts.

This not only means that you’ll have that beautiful shiny gold on the kit but you also don’t have to worry about mis-aligning a sticker here or there. It will be perfect out of the box.

The display did not have all the runners there, and given the 4,000 yen price tag there could be quite a few but we’re looking at one new, large RG Frame runner, one Mekki-plated gold runner, at least one black runner, at least one frame runner, however many runners you’ll need for the red (one for the chest/skirt parts, one for the armour for each arm and leg? wings, leg thruster housings?).

Being just a display behind glass I had no way of knowing what gimmicks will be incorporated or what extras it will come with but I did see what looked to be beam axes behind the top of the shield so it’s likely we will get the beam effect parts for that. Don’t be surprised if they give us the HG runners there. One gimmick that stood out was the armour on the side of the legs that moves and houses the thrusters there actually splits open to reveal what’s underneath. This means instead of just one piece like the previous versions there will be at least three armour parts there.

It looks like the thrusters on the wings at the back elongate and open like the MG.

It was holding its beam rifle so we know that’s coming but don’t know yet about the bazooka.

I am giddy. It is quite possible this could be the greatest model ever.

I love the RG line and I also love the Sinanju design. Together the potential for this thing is over the top.

I eagerly await August and whatever details Bandai provides in the meantime. Is everyone as excited as I am?

Note to self, make no plans for August!

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  1. Michael says:

    Syd, did it have the typical RG dual-toned red? It’s a bit hard to see on the photos because of the gloss injection

    • S2 says:

      It was hard to see because of the lighting and when I looked closely it seemed that the red was a really high-gloss colour and I wasn’t sure if Bandai had done a topcoat of those parts for the show. At a first glance, I would have to say that if there are two red tones on this kit the difference is subtle and it’s hard to tell them apart.

      • sablenk87 says:

        so there really is two shades of red, i hope there will, its hard to see it from the taken picture. i think, imo, this is that painted prototype kit, i can tell from the close-up picture from the shield it stil has those rough surface that often seen on early 3d printed prototype.

  2. Coldheart says:

    Hell yeah if im excited!
    With that glossy red and mekki gold the kit looks gorgeous. And it also looks incredibly detailed. I’m definitely gonna pick it up as soon as it becomes available here in Italy, and i’m also hoping we’ll get the stein version, kind of like how they did with the zephyranthes and the mk II (and hopefully not as a p-bandai release like the gold frame RG).

    Damn, can’t wait for august to come!

  3. Ian says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a kit as I am for this one! I going to have to finish my MG version before August!

  4. Brian says:

    Black plastic in mekki parts!? Those mad men! They gone mad I tell ya!

  5. Damien Payne says:

    The shield closeup shows a little bubbly streaking.. there most probably was a topcoat applied.

    But Can I just say Drool!

    Beam rifle may be a little undersized IMO, but still.


  6. hcls315 says:

    Praise the great Gunpla gods! Finally the kit I’ve been waiting for for a lifetime is here! RG Sinanju is finally here!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Iki says:

    Now for the rg neo zeong…
    But I wonder what other rg’s we get, as most lines has more than one, don’t they?
    Kshatriya? Loto twins?

    Either way, this seems to be an amazing kit, brings hope for the future rg’s and mg’s.

  8. Manpig says:

    Woohoo! The hype is real! I haven’t built a Sinanju yet, so what a better way to start than the new RG that is coming out the same month of my birthday!

    In fact, I hope I get this as a birthday present! :O

  9. Ressy says:

    Between this and the inevitable RG Sinajnu Stein P-Bandai release (unless they make it a normal release? It’s re-using the same frame, completely new armor, and popular enough for a MG) Bandai made my month.

    You’ll have to tell us how many hours it took HLJ to burn through the pre-orders, I’m guessing it’ll be less than a day.

  10. Cakra Parindra says:

    There is a God ???? FFS I’m dying..

    Yep it’s quite a “surprise” from Bandai..
    One thing I’m worried about, i hope it isn’t that fragile for the price 😐

  11. Jimmy C says:

    Oh this post is gonna ruin your bandwidth allocation Syd. Site down in 3, 2, …

  12. Alex B says:

    Now we only need him as PG…

  13. sablenk87 says:

    nice… alredy made pre-order, and the waiting is killing.i hope its still prototype cause i hate those glossy red, too glossy it appears to be abit transparent.
    No Syd, there will be no bazooka include, there already had optional weapon release for the Sinanju’s bazooka and i see the riffle is identical to the HG riffle so it’ll fit. be grateful, they only charge 1800 yen more than the HG and we already has gold mekki trim and frame and all those of gimmicks
    also I wonder what kit bandai will make from this sinanju frame, afaik, bandai only make RG frame that can be applied in several different kits. I hope they make Sazabi out of its frame.

  14. Albert says:

    It’s been a while since Bandai released an RG kit from UC due to 4 releases from Wing and 00. Hope they follow up with Nu Gundam and/or unicorn

  15. Colin says:


  16. The Average Oldtype says:

    I’m surprised about Real Grade Sinanju. Now I don’t have to torture myself and apply stickers without complaining about it.

    But I wish if this had to be a Master Grade, maybe as 2.0.

  17. Alexander says:

    Looks really nice, and the real grade line is probably my favorite right now. I’m sold, I’ll probably wait to hear what you think of it Syd, but then I’ll probably end up buying it anyway.

    I’d love an RG Stein, I think multiple shades of white would do a lot to break up the monotony that is the Stein’s color scheme.

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