Gaijin Gunpla

The suit and backpack are done so technically this Zeta 2.0 is ready to go, however you never send your fighter jets into battle without sufficient armament and the Zeta has some cool stuff to take with him.

This is how this section of the build starts.

Connect these three parts together.

Then swing them down.

Lay that inside the long large red parts.

Now you’ve got a few more parts to add in a very specific order.

Let me take a second to make sure I got this right.


Once together the nose slides out and in.

After that you move onto the rifles.

You’ve got some parts and assemblies to lay into the rifle.

This section actually has a poly-cap as part of the build.

Here is the sensor/scope. It is meant to take a sticker but I’m going to leave that off for now.

Ammo pack at the back.

Finished off with a couple of stickers.

Now for the big one. The Hyper Mega Launcher.

Again you lay in a bunch of parts.

This thing is long.

Add handles to both sides.

And covers for those handles.

A barrel for the end.

You’ve also got these things which can go on the arms if you wish.

Ya, that’s a lot of stuff.

But you’re not done! There is still that awesome stand!

You assemble this arm but don’t use it at the start.

Drop in one swing arm here.

You attach a long rail to that.

The platform is next.

It takes small poly-caps.

Put that on there and then put the whole kit back in the box.

You’ve got to take it to the studio for the review photoshoot.

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