Gaijin Gunpla

The body is finished but the Freedom Gundam, 2.0 or other, is not complete until it has its wings. And so the last stage of the build is the Wing Unit.

You start with the base of the backpack which is these three parts.

Lay the frame part into the bottom armour piece and then the top can go on.

Two grey vents go on and then this nicely detailed dark blue piece.

Nicely played, Bandai.

Once the backpack is finished you start on the sections of the wings.

These four wings have the blue piece laid over the grey frame parts with a little hinge in between.

The hinge fits into the space made for it on the underside of the blue armour part.

This means these babies will open.

With these done you move onto the much larger pieces.

First the two thin pieces in the middle of this shot go together to make one piece.

This then lays inside the long white part.

You have a frame piece to place in the top as well.

And a sticker to put on before closing the large parts up.

There are two of these big bad boys.

You have some trim to add here.

These actually clip on and are able to open up somewhat.

Not much, though.

Now for two of these.

You then plug them in.

You now have complete cannons.

Take the first small blue wing you assembled and now put it together with the larger blue parts.

Then add an even bigger, even bluer (?) piece.

It slides onto the thinner blue piece.

Repeat the process again for the opposite wing on the same side.

The next step has you build yet another wing, though this one is much smaller.

Place two blue parts around the frame pieces here.

The fit is, of course, perfect.

Collect all the big things you’ve assembled so far.

The cannon and smaller wing go no first.

Then the final wing section goes on.

Congratulations! You’ve completed one of the two wings.

How does this thing work?

I’ll figure it out later. I’ve got the other wing still to assemble.

It’s the exact same steps so it should take the same amount of time or less. Then you can plug them into the backpack.

Before putting those on I wanted to continue and get the weapons done.

Here’s the rifle.

The grip of the handle pivots.

This can come in handy.

There is a second grip.

Then add some armour pieces.

A clear part for the scope takes a sticker.

The shield assembly is quite basic even though this is the ‘2.0’.

Some final armour parts for colour go on the front.

That’s a good looking shield.

The proportions on this thing are fantastic.

And it does stand up with its wings on in a neutral position.

As I play with it I’m sure I’ll find it has balance issues but I’m not worried.

I have this.

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  1. Cakra Parindra says:

    Mine will arrive next month T_T an “advantage” of living in South-East Asia ahahaha

  2. Krow says:

    they say it’s a little taller than other seeds kits . .

  3. Pio says:

    Hey Syd, you think it’ll clamp well on the Strike RM’s stand?

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