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Now for my favourite part of any kit, the legs. Usually, this is where the most parts and plastic is found unless you’re building a winged-beast which, wait a minute, the Freedom 2.0 is. Still, even on kits with wings, my favourite section is the legs.

These start out with ‘x 2’.

Then at the very end it’s right/left

Wait, by showing those manual shots I just showed how to build the legs. So I don’t need to include any more picture here? What, we’re done? Man, I may be on to something. When time is short just post instruction manual images.

Where’s the fun in that?

I started with these.

And I thought there were the hip joints.

But that’s not the case at all. I’m actually building the feet.

Plug one of the pegs into a square plastic piece before insetting that into the frame part.

Hold on. I’m pretty sure that’s how the feet are constructed in almost every PG kit. We are in PG territory here.

Add the heel.

Then the front of the foot.

The little pegs you see on the frame don’t lay into the frame piece for the bottom of the front of the foot. Instead, they go up into the underside of the blue piece.

There will be sliding.

Lay in a frame piece then the white armour on top of that.

One more blue piece plugs into the top.

Here are the pieces that make up the ankle armour. There is no frame here.

Push it in from the top then plug the smaller sides on (or do it in reverse order if you are so inclined).

His foot bends more than I feel comfortable with.

My foot doesn’t bend like that!

Now for the hips sockets.

The construction of those long legs starts with the thigh.

You will then attach that thigh frame section to the quite large knee parts.

The bend at the top of the knee is rather limited.

Now for the long lower leg frame parts.

That small piece at the bottom of the shot is what will connect to the foot.

Now it looks quite articulate.

Add the first of the thigh armour as well as some more frame parts to the sides of the knees.

I wrote first of the armour because you’re putting this on and then more go on over top. Note how these go on.

Now they are covered up.

Bend the knee and watch what happens.

That’s pretty cool.

Lay in the dark blue part for the knee and then cover that up with the armour for the shin.

You have to put it and then push it a certain way to get it to line up with the frame part on the underside.

Add another frame part and the lower leg armour to the back.

So far so good.

Notice the gap between armour at the bottom?

This is something I’m seeing more of in newer kits. Bandai is designing them so that there are little gaps between pieces similar to how many modellers will customise their kits to give the same look. Perhaps it is to draw your attention to a certain area.

You’ve got the flap to pop in now and then the side armour parts.

On older kits the flap would insert into the underside of the the side parts however on the Freedom 2.0 it’s pushed into the frame and the side pieces aren’t part of the connection.

It moves outwards but not as much as I originally thought.

Now for two small frame parts.

You can see the gap to the right of the flap. That corresponds to the shape of the tab on the underside of the frame part.

Now I can attach the foot and hip joint and finally one light-grey piece for the knee.

Here’s what the legs can do for you.

Can’t wait! Gotta get them on there.

But I’m not done with the main MS yet. I still need two of these.

These use most of the light-grey runners, understandably.

Add some details to the end.

Now for two of these.

Now you start working on only one rail gun at a time with the first step being to add the handle and the joint piece.

Place this into the opposite piece and then cover up much of the handle’s opening with a tiny part.

Now you can construct the rail of this rail gun.

Then place them inside the white armour which will attach to the hip.

Fold once.

And again.

Add a final blue part to the outside.

You need to have the joint at just the right angle to allow the rail gun to fold up nice and snug.

Snap that on there.

Here he is.

Almost there!

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  1. timothy ong says:

    I’m glad sliding thigh armors are back :3

  2. Kushal says:

    Can you go into more detail about the intentional ankle armor gap? Never heard of or seen that before.

    Also you didn’t show us a shot with the rail guns folded out, you tease!

    • S2 says:

      On older kits it seemed Bandai was doing their best to give you armour parts that closed up and revealed little of the frame underneath. Now we are seeing designs that seem to leave some spaces here and there to break up the look of all the armour. I think it’s a way of drawing attention to certain areas of the kit.

  3. Albert says:

    i own a PG Strike Freedom but damn this thing got a lot more detail on it >.<

    • Ray says:

      I know what you mean, although the PG Strike Freedom has a few nice touches, the legs are plain in comparison to this. I can’t wait to get mine 🙂

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