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The 1/144 HG GM (Thunderbolt Ver.) came out in December 2013. Wow, that seems so long ago. At that time I didn’t take the opportunity to pick it up and try it out but now that Gundam Thunderbolt is an anime I get to try the re-release known as 1/144 HG GM (GUNDAM Thunderbolt Ver.) Anime Ver..

Overall Look: 8/10

The GM is a classic design and, in my opinion, one that doesn’t need many changes or adjustments but the theme for Thunderbolt is, and I can’t remember where I read this, absolute crazy town! I mean, look at these things! The GM is actually subdued compared to the others. Look at him. Okay, he hasn’t been Thunderbolted here so let me show you.

That’s what we are talking about.

One thing I really like about the Thunderbolt HGs is how they molded the frames to look not like some kind of metal, but some kind of rubber-type material that covers the metal.

And, of course, there are thrusters everywhere.

He’s recognizable as a GM and also recognizable as a Thunderbolt Mobile Suit so Bandai did what they needed to do.

Colors: 8/10

Oh, oops, I mean.

What stands out the most is it the yellow. It’s not your standard yellow you find in almost everything else in Gunpla. It’s a pastel color that goes well with the darker blue you see in the torso and feet. Of course, a lot of that yellow is done with stickers.

I guess this is something that needed to be done to get the look right but most of the stickers are placed around curved or contoured surfaces.

This likely means that in the very near future some of these might come off. That’s the price you have to pay for these colorful HG kits, I suppose.

Weapons: 8/10

GM comes with what looks to be a short submachine gun for one hand an on the other double barreled badness. Each of these can go into one of the trigger-finger hands that Bandai provided with the kit.

The sub-machine gun hand pops into the wrist, but the other one has to connect to the forearm.

You’ll actually have to take that weapon apart in order to get it on your GM.

You plug the hand into the GM arm socket first.

Then the tab on the underside of the big piece fits into the arm.

Oh, and you get two shields.

No biggie. (More on these later.)

Articulation: 6/10

Unfortunately, little GM doesn’t do so well in this category. One would think that it was those shields on the top that are causing him trouble when he tries some of the more interesting poses but those aren’t that much of a factor. The biggest issue with articulation comes from the bottom of the kit. The knees do bend an average amount.

But the ankles don’t really have much movement at all.

I was only really able to pull off this kind of pose.

He can raise his arm up vertically.

So I could get this type of thing.

But other than that I couldn’t do much with him.

(That is kind of funny, though.)

Build Design: 7/10

I guess this guy is pretty much all about the shields and those work fine. To get them on you have to remove the smaller things from the backpack.

It is best to raise them up before pulling them out.

After that you drop the arms of the shields in.

Neural position is hanging from the sides but you can get them around to the front by tilting them slightly and swinging them forwards.

Then you can bring them down.

“I’m like a turtle hiding in his shell.”

Fun Factor: 7/10

If you like stickers then you should have fun with the kit. And playing around with the shields can provide some entertainment but outside of that you may not play with him much the way you would with a more stable kit with more options.

I thought this was kind cool, though.

Extras: 8/10

You do get a lot of marking stickers here and that’s a good thing. It will increase the time you spend with the kit and make it more like his Thunderbolt brethren. There are even foils that I haven’t figured out the location of.

Where do they go?

You also get a couple of parts that allow you to mount the shields onto the arms if you want to go back to an old school look.

Interestingly, these parts were found on a runner with the designation FA Gundam (TB)/GM (TB)

And that’s kind of it, really. It’s a grunt suit from Thunderbolt so it is what it is expected to be but that may not be enough for some people who want something a little more special.

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  1. Frankon says:

    Lets be honest. FA Gundam didnt have a great ankle tilt either ^^. Still thats one hell of a GM – a perfect blend of blandless and coolnes.

  2. magus2332 says:


    This link might help you with where the rest of those foil stickers go:

  3. Zetatrain says:

    I like the overall look of the thunderbolt GM, but damn those ankles are painful to look at especially in this day and age of gunpla. That’s some FG level of articulation right there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think the foil sticker sheet was reused for the original non-animation release, so it doesn’t use the left over stickers that you can’t find the location for.

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